25 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Ah, such a cute puppy. It’s growling because it wants me to pet it.

    What the morons say when my dog is growling at them.

  2. Go ahead, take them!!!

    (Also, just a very late follow up about the “church, gun service”. I took a ride by and saw just a few sorry looking protesters. Took some lame pics not worth looking at, non-event. Spike , RIP I miss you Brother! )

  3. Gizmodo.com has animal behavior wolves on file. Remember all breeds of dog will return to wolves after 100+ generations if left to fend and mate in the wild with no human contact. It’s strange wolves understand and follow the direction of the human gesture of finger pointing and primates don’t.

  4. Me and my friends are looking for that bitch Hillary, just point me in the right direction, my nose will do the rest.

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