Casey Anthony Trial Exclusive – A Secret You will Only Hear Here

If you flip from news channel to news channel with the exception of satellite delays it is impossible to miss a word coming out of the Casey Anthony trial in Florida.  The mainstream propaganda machine is currently conducting an analysis to find out just how many mainstream media brainwashed citizens are still out there among the population.  These are the people who live vicariously through soap operas, crime dramas, and reality shows.  They are a blight on the collective intelligence of the population and represent a greater threat to our Constitution and Republic than Russia and China combined.

Under normal circumstances these people should be pitied as they suffer from mental abnormalities that keep them from experiencing life within the realms of reality.  But these are not normal circumstances.  These people are allowed to vote which allows their mental problems to cause harm to all.

July 18-19, 64 AD, the Emperor Nero fiddled as Rome burned.  It is widely believed that he suffered from lead poisoning.  It is no secret that fluoride, aspartame, lithium, and other mind altering substances have been deliberately put into our food and drinking water.

Not to mention the fact that virtually every mainstream doctor is now prescribing psychotropic drugs such as Wellbutrin, an antidepressant used as a stop smoking aid; Topamaz, a mood stabilizer used for migraine headaches; and Remeron, an antidepressant used as a sleep aid.  Pretty much anything you go to the doctor for; you will be prescribed a psychotropic drug because the corporate pharmaceuticals are paying the doctors handsomely to push their mind dope.

They start giving this crap to our children beginning in preschool.  When a three year old acts like a three year old, it is called Attention Deficit Disorder and the pharmaceutical lobotomy is administered.  There has been a massive drugging of we the American people and this drugging works in coalition with the television set in every living room which broadcasts a false reality digitally on the same wave length the human brain operates on.

The only reason this mind control program is failing is the internet.  The human mind instinctively seeks out that knowledge which will make the body’s function easier and in turning to the computer screen and away from the TV screen, which only makes things worse, the people are breaking free from the hypnotic affect.  And this presents a major problem to the diabolical monsters who would have us as their brain dead slaves.

Now for all of you who cannot break away from the television set and whose entire content of debate has been limited to the TV drama called “Casey Anthony’s Trial”, I plead.  Realize that your wanton stupidity is adversely affecting all those around you.  I do not wish you harm for your mental illness but do us one favor.  It’s simple.  Just don’t vote.

You’ve lived your lives not knowing what is going on around you and when presented with a voting ballot, you per functionally say, “Duh, uh, I’m a… a…. R, or a D” and circle the appropriate letter, not even realizing the impact your actions have had and are having on your fellow citizens who choose to live in reality.  You see when you turn on that stupid box and click down to Reality TV and push select, you are not selecting reality, but rather to be removed from it.   The fact is the man behind the curtain is not bringing reality to TV but rather making TV your reality.

Now I’m going to tell you something.  I want you to sit down and brace yourself and try to maintain control of your bowels.  Casey Anthony is not the first, last, or only woman to be accused of taking the life of her child.  Two hundred children a year in the United States are killed by a parent. It is a tragedy, but considering there are 350 million of us and 20%, like you, are suffering from a mental disorder, it is not surprising.

Here is another one for you and hang on.  Casey Anthony is not your relative or even a close friend.  If not for the mainstream propaganda machine you would not even know she existed, like the other 199 who killed their own child in that year.  When they have conditioned your mind through unrealities like CSI and Law and Order, it is just a small next step to capture your mind completely with a real life, one month saga staged in Florida.

And all the while your country is being destroyed and you are headed into slavery and starvation in a third world country where thousands of little children are going to be starving to death every day.

It is easy to make the pain stop and get the demon out of your head.  Just follow this simple five step procedure.

  1. Reach down with your right hand (or left hand if you are left handed).
  2. Grasp your remote control.
  3. Place your index finger (or alternate finger if you have that digit missing) on the button that says POWER.
  4. Squeeze your arse cheeks together because you don’t want to lose control of your bowels.
  5. Now, gently apply pressure.

You will experience a blinding flash of light.  This is the television disengaging from your brain.  As reality comes crashing in you will feel an uncontrollable urge to drop down into the fetal position and shite yourself.  Do not be afraid, this will pass.

When you regain control of your faculties, put on a liberal coating of sunscreen and the darkest pair of sunglasses you own and go outside.  Upon reaching your walkway, you may again drop into the fetal position and shite yourself, but again, this will pass.

As you become stronger, wander further out into your community and start talking to the other people who have managed to break free and return to reality.  If you see anyone laying on their walkway in the fetal position shiting themselves, for God’s sake, leave them alone, as any third party interaction at this critical stage can cause catatonic brain farts, which may drive the person back to the television and the unreality.

After about a month, you will start experiencing real life feelings.  And though you will find reality frightening, you will also find it liberating.  After two months, you may have recovered to the point that you will be commenting on From the Trenches, and I promise you, we will welcome you with open arms.  And you don’t even have to say it, as no thanks are necessary.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. While people are turning off their TV, perhaps they can start thinking of other startling news like the increase in murder-suicides the soldiers who suicides now exceed combat deaths, the woman school teachers who are molesting their minor male students.. They are all on antidepressants.

    The Physicians Desk Reference states that SSRI antidepressants and all antidepressants can cause mania, psychosis, abnormal thinking, paranoia, hostility, agitation, etc. These side effects can also appear during withdrawal. Also, these adverse reactions are not listed as Rare but are listed as either Frequent or Infrequent.

    Go to SSRI Stories where there are over 4,600 cases, with the full media article available, involving bizarre murders, suicides, school shootings/incidents [65 of these] and murder-suicides – all of which involve SSRI antidepressants like Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc, . The media article usually tells which SSRI antidepressant the perpetrator was taking or had been using but sometimes the media article just says “antidepressant” or “medication for depression”.

    On December 15, 2010, PLoS Medicine released a study which showed that, in regard to prescription medications and violence, the FDA had received the most reports of violence from the SSRI & SNRI antidepressants (except for Chantix, the smoking cessation drug.) The evidence of an association with violence was weaker and mixed for antipsychotic drugs and absent for all but one of the mood stabilizers. Yet, the antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, given for the most serious mental illnesses, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, would be the most likely culprit involved in violence but, instead, it was the antidepressants which had the most reports of violence. They were given to patients that traditionally were the least likely to commit violence, the depressed and the anxious. See:

  2. Excellent article!
    “… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.”
    Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81

  3. Personally, I agree with everything you said. All I ask is to include a single referrences link for certain data as to add credibility (i.e. Two hundred children a year in the United States are killed by a parent) to the story for any possible non-believers who read it. I don’t think we can find it using Either way, you won’t catch me watching any of it.

  4. We have propaganda media today. In history, families gathered on the courthouse square for public hangings. People would come from miles around for the event, bringing lunches and having a picnic. A good time was had by all.

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