Catastrophic Floods in Australia

Floods of biblical proportion are occurring in Australia’s Queensland and New South Wales.  Newsreels from the scene show cars being washed down what looks like a raging river as big as a lake.  The death toll now stands at 22 with 40 missing.  Even the old timers are in disbelief as to the proportion of the flood.  It is in fact being compared to the shock and awe the American military visited upon the people of Iraq.

The town of Brisbane has ceased all operations as muddy waters from the Brisbane River encompass the town.   Not only cars, but houses have been washed away and the famed Suncorp football stadium is now the equivalent of the world’s largest swimming pool.

In one report Jordon Rice, 13 years old, sacrificed his life to save that of his 10 year old brother, Drake.  The 13 year old held his position while telling a good Samaritan truck driver to take his brother to safety.  While the good Samaritan was acting to save his brother, Jordon and his mother were swept away to their deaths.  The three had been trapped on the roof of their car.

In another report, a known figure in the horse racing community, James Perry and his wife and son were missing and believed dead as they were spotted hanging on the racks of their car as it was swept away in the torrent.  However Mrs. Perry and son were later rescued by a helicopter though Mr. Perry was not.  He was last seen clinging to the top of the vehicle as it submerged.  He is assumed to be dead.

One report on CNN Headline News mentioned thousands of animals that have been devastated by the floods needing shelter and people to adopt them.  I thought this an odd thing to bring up in the middle of a catastrophic flood, especially when they mention that among the animals needing adoption were ducks.

The flood is being identified as the worst catastrophe to ever be visited upon Australia and it is not over yet.  God help the people of Australia.

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