Public Employees, Get Back to Work

It’s been five days since six were killed and Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head in Tucson, Arizona. And guess what, it is another special day.  Congress convened Wednesday to pass a resolution to pay tribute to Ms. Giffords, after which they went back to their mourning.  Meanwhile millions of Americans are freezing and starving to death in the streets.  I do not mean to be callous but if one of your co-workers was killed at a production plant do you think the owners would shut that plant down for a week, a half of a week, a day?  Not a chance.  In fact, if after five days we tried to tell an employer that we just couldn’t work because we were too overwhelmed with grief; well I think we all know that wouldn’t fly.

There has been no mention in the mainstream propaganda as to what our so called representatives are intending to do in reference to getting us back to work.  In fact, since the incident Saturday, the issue of jobs has been removed from the mainstream as completely as the issue of the 99ers.  I hate to say it but I think our lawmakers are looking at this tragedy as a godsend as it has effectively diverted the attention of a lot of people away from the mess we are in.

I mean, candlelight vigils, moments of silence, national mourning, again, I don’t mean to be callous but the fact is I know none of these people.  Had this incident involved ordinary individuals and been reported on a couple of days in the newspaper, aside from a child being killed, in my mind it would have faded into the past.  I come from a small town and a couple of times a year, one, two, or three people get killed one way or another.  Initially everyone is shocked and saddened.  But within the space of a week we have buried our dead and are back to work.

I believe these politicians would like to drag this mourning process out until their terms are over.   I can see it now, 364 days since the Tucson tragedy, and yes it is another special day.  If you are a 99er every day is becoming another agonizing day of living without the means to meet your basic needs.  I do not care as to who approves or disapproves of the way I speak or express myself and with all due respect to the dead I have a message for my employees in the House and Senate.

Quit your pissing and moaning and get off your lazy asses and get back to work or you are fired.  We 99ers do not have the resources to wait while you come to grips with your out of control emotions.  We are suffering the deepest depravations and this tragedy has not softened our feelings of contempt for the power elite.  You want nothing more than for us to just lie down and die, so that you do not have to be bothered with addressing the results your incompetence has had and is having on our lives.  Where are the moments of silence and the resolutions for the 99ers that killed themselves last year because they felt that they had been tossed into the trash heap by their country?  Public servants, you have milked this tragedy to the extreme.  Don’t push your luck.  If something is not done about the plight of the 99ers we are going to vote every damn one of you out of office in 2012.



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  1. The rational mind dictates that at such a time these individuals would be stimulated to be fervently working on productive legislation designed to impact our deteriorating socioeconomic conditions in a “healing” and proactive manner.

    So much for the rational mind.

    Oh my….

  2. First, I’d like to express my deep sorrow for the loved ones of the dead and wounded from Saturday’s shooting. Secondly, I think it’s time for those, lazy, overpaid bastards in Congress to get back to work. My God, just one of their one week, paid time-off paychecks, could support my son and I ( we’re being evicted at the end of this month ) for a year ! I’m so sick and tired of being jobless, with no help or support from the uncaring State and Federal government, as the rich get richer, that I have a revulsion growing in me daily. May the Good Lord help the American people ! P.S. Henry, I haven’t seen Barbara 99 on here in a while. I hope she is O.K.

    1. Sam, I too have noticed Barbara’s absence from the site. I know her husband has heart problems so I am hoping it is not something like that. Whatever her difficulty I’m sure she will get back to us as soon as possible.
      Maybe I will email her to make sure everything is okay.

    1. Sam and all,
      I emailed Barbara and she replied saying that her husband has been ill but is better now and she will be able to come on the site again. She said she is looking forward to it.

  3. Not to mention that Congresswoman Giffords gets the absolute best health care FOR FREE! She will not have to lie there, worrying about how she is going to pay her medical bills, as ORDINARY people would have to! She will make a full recovery because she will get the best health care our tax dollars pay for. She gets the “socialized medicine” that so many politicians denigrate and refuse when WE ask for it, but they have no trouble accepting “socialized medicine” for themselves.

  4. Sam – I agree with you wholeheartedly! I’m sick and tired of these well-paid, well-benefitted politicians. They are so out of touch with the reality of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Americans who are going jobless, homeless, and hungry! This is a crime that WOULD NOT happen in European countries, where governments care about their working people (unlike here, where our government cares only about the rich). I really wish I could move to Europe – I really believe I’d have a better life there than here. I’m sick of being jobless; I’m sick of having panic attacks in the middle of the night over finances; I’m sick of being terrified when the mail arrives because it might contain a bill I hadn’t planned on or a bill that is higher than I expected it to be. I’m sick of feeling like yesterday’s trash only because I was born in 1952, rather than 1981. I’m sick of the age discrimination in job hiring. We all know it goes on; the government knows it goes on but does nothing about it. We 99ers are the 21st Century’s version of Biblical lepers. I’ve always worked; I’ve never taken a penny I didn’t earn; I’ve always paid my bills and my taxes in full and on time; I’ve done what’s right; I’ve tried hard to be as honest as I can be – and this is my reward for being a good citizen?? Now is the time for an interventionistic government to step in and create a form of the WPA program of the Great Depression. But it will never happen: the right-wingers block anything and everything that will help working people – they hate us, and I don’t know why. I’m tired of worrying, tired of crying, tired of life.

    1. Earlymusicus, The whole idea we are pushing here is to break free from the false left-right paradigm which is designed so that they can all screw us. After which the Demopublicans blame the Republicrats and then visa versa.
      As for Europe they are worse off than we are. Their socialist systems are now taking their pensions and lowering literally every benefit provided.
      All we need to do is reinstate our Constitution, end CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, make the filthy rich corporations bring all the money they have stashed in foreign countries back here, tax them on it, retrieve the $22 trillion that have been stolen through the various Ponzi schemes for the past 20 years and put it into a fund for interest free loans for American entrepreneurs, then we seal our borders, put a 90% tax on all foreign investments, and huge trade tariffs on all other countries, which will result in the return of our industrial base and our prosperity.
      I personally will never accept socialism for an unemployment check or a job as to do so is treason by definition. Our Constitution prescribes a republican form of government with an emphasis on the rights of the individual. Socialism is repugnant to these ideas.

  5. Earlymusicus, Hang in there. I feel your pain. Do the best you can, with the best you got. Sounds real simple, huh ? Well, that’s what me and my boy are trying to do. God bless you and yours.

  6. Henry, I read all of your posts, and I want to praise your brillant writings. Your ability to
    put these absolutely correct statements to paper, just astounds me. My friend, you need
    to be on Talk Radio, PBS, or NPR. You could hold your own with Beck and Hannity anyday.
    Thankyou for all of your great input into this countries sorry state of affairs. Keep on
    fighting this good fight. Thanks again for what you do.

    1. Henry does have a gift. I wish he could have a debate with some of the idiots out there who think they know anything. I am wondering if our freedom of speech is going to be affected now that someone has shot a Congresswoman. I am sorry about the shooting, I really am, but one life is no different than another. How many people have died since we have been thrown into the streets by our government? How many suicides? Explain to me why her life is any different than someone else. Also, John Boehner is convinced that he is a God. He will use his power to avoid helping 99ers or helping anyone else. He is nothing but a cry baby and it made me sick to see him on tv. If you shoot one of us, you shoot us all. What you do to one of us, you do to all of us. Well hell I would say if you send out unemployment checks for one you send them out for all. If one person can afford a house then everyone should be able to afford one. If one person has a job then everyone should have one.

    2. Jack in NV,

      No disrespect to Henry or for what he’s doing…quite to the contrary! I can’t help but wonder though, Jack; What could one more radio show achieve other than for its host when Savage has, with everything he’s done, (have you read his latest book?) still failed to bring about any real and tangible result toward stemming the tide? Who could lay it out more clearly than he does?

      It is clear to any thinking person what is and has been happening and we have no shortage of voices ringing with truth. What we lack is for any (let alone enough) of those voices to be ringing from the podiums of congress. What is in need of change cannot be changed until WE change. WE let this happen because it is easy to sneak up on a well fed, well entertained populace trained to think and behave without regard for fellow man. “Do unto others before they do unto you is the “golden rule” in our culture. Sad but true. I have known this way of life was unsustainable since I was old enough to wonder, ponder and observe. And I was always considered the messenger of doom who should be shunned and ignored. Our experience in public school should have been enough to show us where we actually stood, what was being taught to us morally and ideologically, and what we were being groomed for. It was for me.

      How things will play out and how fast is to be seen. I, for one, intend to make the best of every day left me and to not lose heart while continuing to do the best I can for as long as I can. What is really “new under the sun” here? Welcome back Louis Et al! Gee…what a shocker!

      Good luck and good health.

      1. Brian,
        I beg to differ. I have been in this fight for thirty years and the fact that myself and many others out there were fighting has not only stemmed the tide but has been instrumental in awakening enough of the population to the point that today there are enough enlightened citizens out there to affect a change if we become united and act in unison.
        Every one of us must continue to do every little thing we can in the hope that one day soon the accumulation of our efforts will cause a c change in our country.

        1. Henry and Mark,

          Thank you for your replies. I’ve been mulling it over.

          First off, I’m no “activist”. I’m just a guy who’s busted his a** all his life without any tangible result. I spent a few years in the corporate world, did my job and did it well and was spit out for unconsciously appearing to be a rebel of some sort when, in fact, all I was doing was truly owning my responsibilities. When I lost another “good” job in this financial holocaust it was actually more of a release than an expulsion. The job was actually killing me anyway. At the time I knew what was happening was of huge dimension but I really thought I would rally again as I always have…somehow. Now I really don’t believe there is any chance left for me to achieve a living wage as an employee ever again. The experience of becoming unemployed led me to the site you wrote for before putting this one up and I have found there and now here an outlet of sorts for some of my thoughts and personal opinions.

          I was never exposed to any setting that could teach me about money. I grew up believing that “enough is enough” so consequently I have never had enough for very long and when I had any I never knew how to use it wisely to acquire more. My first instinct was always to help someone else. Duh!

          So here I am…born at the end of WWII having lived through the most prosperous era in history and I was too damn ignorant and idealistic to take advantage of it.. And yet I have wealthy friends who are living in fear of losing everything they’ve put together so I guess there’s some solace in “nothing left to lose”.

          All I really know for sure is that wealth is the only thing that will keep a man fed, housed, and clothed and without it it’s a short ride to living hell. I also know that without any to work with there is no hope of making any.

          So it has been throughout history and so it will be until the end of our species I suppose. Hence “might is right”.

          This is why I say it is WE who must change. I am ashamed sometimes to be a human being when I look at the way we squander our humanity on the pursuit of power century after century and never collectively learn anything. What we do to each other in the process is pure and simple atrocity.

          As far as the job I lost in 2009 is concerned the people I was working for were just your normal, everyday dishonest, back stabbing, greed possessed individuals who viewed a customer as meat for the fire rather than someone to serve with integrity and gratitude and had realized that I was none of these so trouble was brewing anyway.

          We have and have had for a very long time a business culture based on and driven by ruthless deceit and arrogantly blatant dishonesty. “Burn ’em and churn ’em! I can’t participate in that anyway. Never could.

          So…on we go. Screw it.

          Thanks for the space to put my mindless, useless babblings. I’ll be continuing to visit the site but I’ll probably just stay out of it for the most part.

          Keep on keepin’ on compadre! All the best to you and yours.

          1. Brian-

            You have great ability to express yourself and as far as I’m concerned your responses to anything that I write about is most welcome. You have to understand that your words are read my many, including the White House, as well as some in the Military. You have to believe that.

            They will be reading your excellent comments in which you have just posted, and they will be passed on and and and…. Well I think you get the idea.

            Do what you feel is the right thing to do, but remember every comment is read and in some small way helps America.

            Give it your all Brian,

            Best Regards


          2. Brian, This fight is heading in a direction that you had not anticipated and as a result with all due respect you are copping out. As individual, free Americans we owe no allegiance to any king or commune. However we do owe absolute allegiance to one another in enforcing our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.
            You seem to be looking for leave to back away from the defense of my rights. Note: I would die in defense of your rights as this is what is required of me through the compact we know as our Bill of Rights. Our duties are outlined in the Declaration of Independence.
            The bottom line is, I grant you no leave to step into the shadows and leave this horrendous problem to others. We did not start this fight but for the sake of our progeny we must finish it.
            Mark is right. You do have talent that allows your participation without violence. You offer alternate viewpoints on a regular basis. I have to believe that your viewpoints are shared by millions in this country.
            This being said, we still have to unite and in order to unite we must discuss every viewpoint in order to come to a consensus that will allow us to unite under a single flag for our common cause.
            I have a lot of respect for you and sincerely hope you will rethink your position.

        2. Ok Henry! Geez! Why don’t you tell me how you REALLY feel.

          Thanks for the kick in the a**. I’m just beyond disgusted with the massive stupidity all around us.

          That was a good sermon…well taken.

      2. Brian-

        People are paying more attention to sites such as henry’s. It’s something a little different that is catching on. In my humble opinion, Savage is over paid.

          1. Nah… no green here. Savage talks too much about meatball ball recipes and his new dog. He’s just going thru the motions. He wants out, he’s bored. The guy has 8 to 10 million listeners. Whole different ball game.

          2. Sam-

            I guessyou just placed your reply under the wrong name. You placed it under mine. Not Brians

            Best Regards,

        1. Mark,

          I can perceive Savage’s fatigue and personal movement toward “head in the sand…I’m cruising the bay today…sick of this conversation”. I really can’t blame him given what he has achieved and who among us can confidently say that we, in his hard earned position, would behave any differently? And then…what is “overpaid”? Is this not still America? Land of opportunity? Who among us would not like to have his income? C’mon! Let’s be real! Henry? What say you?

          So I submit that we refrain from judging this very good American and highly successful man both of which I feel he is to be commended and admired for.

          My point is in the question do we really need another TALK show?

          1. Brian,
            With all due respect Michael Savage is a socialist, but I will give the devil his due as he has been revealing a lot of truth a late, but then so has Glenn Beck and Andrew Napolitano. Michael Savage, like Rush Limbaugh are among the elite and the fact is they did not come forward with the truth until it was safe to do so.
            If you’ve been at this as long as I have you know that in the past there were consequences for telling the truth. In my confrontations with the corporate mafia in fighting their takeover of our court systems I’ve had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and served time as a political prisoner. I don’t believe Michael Savage or any of the other rich elitists talk show hosts can quite relate to the experience of having tyranny inflicted upon them the way I do. And I am not alone.
            One of the first people to challenge the one world order openly on the radio waves was Mark Koernke. He was rewarded with seven years in a federal penitentiary for his service to our Constitution and Republic.
            If you’d like to hear a real American tell you truths that Michael Savage wouldn’t dare go to and listen to the intelligence report Monday – Friday 9-11am EST, 5-7pm EST, and 8-9pm EST. That will be Mark Koernke you hear speaking, he is not trying to make his fortune by sensationalizing the tragedy we are living through.

        2. Mark,

          Thanks for the encouraging comments and the compliment. As far as my ability to express myself goes I feel like a carpenter with a good set of tools and nothing to build.

          Nevertheless you asked for it so here goes…I’ll stick my fool neck out:

          Do we really feel that anything I said in my last comment could strike any sympathetic chord in the hearts and minds of those who make decisions dictating our economic climate? Do we actually still have faith that there is anything close to intelligence, wisdom, empathy or compassion there?

          I am losing that faith as you have already observed in previous comments and here is one major reason why:

          To begin with I don’t think any of us worth our salt are looking for a handout. I certainly am not and anyone who is better stay the hell away from me or get a serious earful.

          Nothing disempowers and damages me spiritually more than a free ride. And kill my spirit and you kill ME because that is all we are!

          Sure…everybody likes a rest for awhile but who among us is looking for a long vacation followed by economic desolation? Raise your hands. Duh! Do they really think we are THAT stupid just because we aren’t rich? (Yeah…probably…and how sad is THAT?)

          What I would like to see is some legislation introduced that would look at installing some structure into the unemployment compensation system that would enable us to help ourselves through entrepreneurial endeavors without being immediately dropped for any move toward self employment regardless of whether any income has been achieved.

          That rule is absurdly disabling and blocks any potential for taxpayer ROI on this massive sum of money which is ultimately being squandered on nothing more than a stay of execution without a return of the job market which…I’m sorry…just ain’t gonna happen unless WE get to work doing what WE do best…and that is serve each other in our communities…oh dear…what a threat to the big boxes eh…hmmm.

          This rule keeps us running in circles looking for jobs that don’t exist while consuming funds to no productive result instead of empowering us to re-posture ourselves by CREATING our OWN jobs.

          What law respecting and honest citizen would dare take entrepreneurial steps knowing that he does so in violation of law governing the dispersion of the funds that are keeping him alive? Aside from the obvious moral issues to do so is idiocy with regard to one’s own survival. One would have to be recklessly self destructive speaking only pragmatically.

          What is the result of this absurd policy?

          People in this position who are capable of helping themselves do not do so knowing that they need time to achieve profitability…time that is not given them. Granted, this is an unknown quantity of the demographic but I feel safe in saying we can assume it to be substantial. Imagine the national ROI if these people were empowered rather than paralyzed in fear!

          Any tax liability incurred in startup phase could easily be resolved retroactively and yet where have we heard any lip service whatsoever given this issue?

          How can this be an oversight? How can this be interpreted as anything but a deliberate disenfranchising of this demographic? If it is not this then show us! Let’s see some evidence that will lead us away from drawing this appalling conclusion.

          When there are no jobs people cry “create jobs”! It is NOT a governmental responsibility to “create” jobs. It is not even a governmental capability in fact. Just get the hell out of the way…please!

          WE are the creators of jobs. WE are the engine.

          Where is the leadership that can see this obvious truth? Where is the leadership that actually gives a damn?

          Ah sh**!

          Ok…I’m done. Time to flog myself again. Shutup raving dilusional misanthrope. Enough…take your seat!

          1. Brian-

            Barry Soetoro promised moneys to be lent to the American people to start business. The problem with that concept was that you had to have excellent credit, or be an illegal alien to get the money. Another typical “3 Card Monte” this man is a perfectionists at playing.

            If he would have given all the unemployment to the people all at once and not spread out over time, you might have seen some real entrepreneurial spirit. But when you spread the money out over time, in little increments you get shit. They should have given the option, all at once or over time. this would have been the right thing to do.

            These clowns are all BS. They are trying to bring us down purposely by slow death. Give me $50,000 upfront, and I will generate $240,000 gross within 2 years probably sooner no problem.

            The morons in Washington don’t want to do that, so here I sit pissed off, with nothing. Now I have to watch them spend $792 billion dollars on a defense budget that will do nothing more than enrich the corporate gangsters.

            Washington is full of gangsters, and they must be dealt with. King George III found out the hard way how this was accomplished, hopefully these clowns won’t be that stupid.

        3. Well there ya go again Mark! Facts to support what I put between the lines.

          As I posed the question:

          “How can this be an oversight? How can this be interpreted as anything but a deliberate disenfranchising of this demographic?”

          How indeed!

          And again if I may:

          “If it is not this then show us! Let’s see some evidence that will lead us away from drawing this appalling conclusion.”

          Mark, you here provide statements substantiating deliberate economic destruction of the entire working class and small business. Scary, my friend, very scary stuff.

          So where lies the hope?

          1. The hope lies in the destruction of tyranny. I’ll let history in dealing with this hell be my guiding light. My hero wore wooden false teeth, and knew how to lead.

            He also had this read to his troops before he took the enemy apart:

            “These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”

            Nuff said my friend.

          2. Pardon me Mark and Brian. I got a little confused with my replies. Looking at it today, I forget what the original reply even meant. My bad. Sorry guys. I guess I’m thinking so much about me and my boy being homeless in 2 weeks that it’s hard to stay focused. I gotta try harder.

  7. google fema internment camps and check your mail box for a red,blue or yellow sticker red:death blue: internment yellow ok this is how our government will take control and the new world order will take place when the next crisis happens the government has the right by law to take over everthing import police from other countries … its already happening unemployment was a planed event the media is in the pocket of big biz so is our gov and the potus is the puppet or the super rich if your over 45 you will not be hired because the generation grew up in liberty and that is what is to be demolished move to canada if you can!!!!!!!

    1. They might as well send me a red sticker, because there’s no way they’re putting me in any of their Auschwitz’s, without me dying and taking some of them with me.

      1. Sam,

        No offense. The only thing you need to focus on is not letting that happen. If I could only help you!

        Hang in and survive.

        1. Thanks, Brian. I appreciate your reply. Time to re-focus. I try not to get down in the dumps, but sometimes it sneaks right up on me. We’re hangin”, and we will survive.

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