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New App “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” Encourages Students To Spy On Each Other

Activist Post – by Aaron Kesel The “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” application released by Henderson County Public Schools is encouraging students to spy on each other and report suspicious activity within the app, Blue Ridge Now reported. Henderson County students in … Continue reading

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RIOTS: 3 Places All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Last Few Days

The Organic Prepper A lot of people like to think that the SHTF is some distant thing that probably won’t ever happen. But, in reality, it happens every single day, someplace in the world. Riots have occurred all over the … Continue reading

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Murder of Vincent Foster

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Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich

Gateway Pundit – by Alicia Powe The Washington, D.C. lobbyist who has been on the hunt for Seth Rich’s killer found a “credible” witness who will identify the two men he believes murdered the DNC staffer. Jack Burkman, a Washington-based … Continue reading

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Zoos to install checkpoints, search visitors and bags

MassPrivateI The never-ending push to turn every public venue into an extension of the Police State is now moving to zoos. Their justification, public safety of course. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo wants to install checkpoints, metal detectors, bag searches and much more.  

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Strange ‘Sonic Attacks’ Against Diplomats Reach Epic Proportions

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo The bizarre “sonic attacks” against diplomats began in Cuba, but have now spread to other countries with over 200 illnesses reported. It all started in the fall of 2016 when diplomats at the United States Embassy … Continue reading

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Pistol-packing waitress defends George Webb co-worker during attack

Fox News A waitress with a concealed carry permit defended her co-worker after an irate customer went behind the counter and punched her, newly released video reveals. The attack at George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee on June 28 could have … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney Signs a Waterboarding Kit in a New Promo for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime Show

Vulture Well, in case you were wondering if Sacha Baron Cohen’s still got it, the comedian’s new Trump-skewering Showtime series, which appears to be titled Who Is America?, just dropped a new promo in which his (still as-yet unseen) journalist character asks former vice-president … Continue reading

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Can Trump End Income Taxes?

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My Government Is The Greatest Terrorist Threat In The World.

Video Rebel’s Blog Tony Farrell was the chief intelligence adviser to the South Yorkshire police. One of his duties was to write reports on terrorist threats to the British people. He investigated the 7-7-2005 London bombings and the 9-11-2001 attacks on … Continue reading

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Polish Official: “We Will Not Receive Even One Muslim” in Poland

The New American – by Selwyn Duke A sea change is occurring in Europe — and the continent may never be the same again. Whereas just some years ago immigrationism would not be questioned, the ice is now beyond broken: European … Continue reading

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A Sad #TOLDYA : As Political Violence Escalates, Might I Recommend Reviewing….

Barnhardt I’ve known decisively for over a decade now that hot Civil War in the former U.S. is inevitable.  And, as I have said for over a decade, a second U.S. Civil War will probably result in Red Chinese boots … Continue reading

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Firefly Lights Up From Within Frog’s Stomach

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Antifa training film

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Police State Defined—Man Facing Jail Time For Overdue $5 Movie Rental

Free Thought Project – by Rachel Blevins Tulsa, OK – A man who never returned the copy of the movie “Ted” he rented for $5 from a local store in 2014 was contacted by police and threatened with jail time … Continue reading

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Cop Holds Small Man Down As His Partner Smashes in His Face

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Austin, TX — A video from July 4 in downtown Austin has sparked outrage and an internal investigation after it showed two Austin police officers holding a man down and punching him in … Continue reading

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Woman unleashes on bus passengers in racist rant

New York Post A Rockland County woman was caught on camera going on a racist rant — spewing the N-word at passengers on a local bus. “I hope you all got your motherf–king papers,” the unidentified woman yells to Transport … Continue reading

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Meet Hadrian, The Brick Laying Robot That Will Make Construction Workers Obsolete

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Across the US, cities are independently passing measures to implement a $15 minimum wage – or mandating higher wages with an eye toward one day achieving that goal. But low-wage workers who are celebrating their fatter paychecks … Continue reading

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Captain of sinking Indonesian ferry sails onto reef; 31 dead

Reuters JAKARTA (Reuters) – The captain of a sinking Indonesian ferry managed to steer his ship onto a reef to enable the evacuation of more than 100 passengers, but 31 people drowned as the vessel floundered in stormy seas, officials … Continue reading

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Obamas, Civil War, Civility | Overtime with Bill Maher

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