Caught On Camera: Albuquerque Police Officer Shot Numerous Times, Survives

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Albuquerque police officer Lou Golson was shot by a motorist during traffic stop. According to criminal complaints, Golson suffered agunshot wound in the abdomen. A gunshot to the chest and two other gunshots to his left side did not penetrate his bullet proof vest, the complaint said. However, Golson broke a left femur and suffered a broken wrist during his fall.

5 thoughts on “Caught On Camera: Albuquerque Police Officer Shot Numerous Times, Survives

  1. Well now, it’s not nice when a person just whips out a gun and opens fire on ya is it? This officer now knows how many people feel when the police shoot first and ask questions later.

  2. I guess the people are finally revolting against the murderous APD. Good for them! That’s what you pigs get for getting away with gunning down James Boyd among many others.

  3. the driver probably “feared for his life” – i would based on past history!

    having said that, i’m starting to think that people should not be allowed to own guns without training – 4 shots and he couldnt get the job done???

  4. We’ll see how these Communist Cops like their communist patrol car being hemmed in by three cars and a pickup truck with large caliber rifles in rear shooting them and their car to bits. We’ll see how they like their own SWAT tactics of outnumbering their victim 10-1 works out for them.

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