Cell Phone ‘Towers’ Are NOT What We Were Lead To Believe

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Upon arriving in Mexico City, I noticed that there was what appeared to be a complete lack of cell towers. Yet perfect cell service was everywhere. That got me wondering, how could a cell phone system work so well with no cell towers around? ~ Jim Stone – Videos – Lecture

After stating it on the forum, Bunk Hound got on the American Tower web site and located a few, which I subsequently went to with Google maps, and they were very much like American cell towers.  

Aside from these which I could locate with a map, there were none to be found and instead there were many tiny cell antennas attached to buildings and roof tops.

Mexico now appears to be transitioning to the larger cell towers, and I beg to question WHY, if the small antennaes worked so well.

This report is going to cover the clandestine use of cell towers and microwave frequencies in a little more detail than was done before

There will be two sections to this report – mind control and weather modification.

Forum member LesMajeste did the bulk of the work last night as far as the mind control aspect and posted it to the forum, and since I don´t think I can do a whole lot better job of explaining this I am putting that here, as the mind control section of this article.

I will follow with the weather modification portion of the article.

The following is the brilliant post by LesMajeste

Some comments by Mr. Stone got me to thinking, then researching this topic.


Are cell phone towers being used in a sinister way to further enslave humans to make us more pliable, more sheep-like so we’ll wander around in life, aimlessly, not knowing what is going on and not caring?

Considering that our government is an out-of-control, sadistic, evil thing that doesn’t give a damn about the people it was formed to serve and protect, that it only serves Wall Street, the FED and Israel thru war mongering inflicted by the Department of War and tyranny, thru the many jack-booted thugs of the ATF, DEA, FBI, NSA, DHS, etc. then it’s not a stretch to think that cell phone towers are part of this menace.

Something more powerful than the mind-numbing Zionist MSM outlets like FAUX, ZNN and BSnbc is needed to keep the sheeple in the pen, since people are realizing that those ‘news’ outlets shovel into their minds a rather smelly fertilizer.

The MSM outlets have been caught telling so many lies that people are finally starting to wake up and realize that the MSM is nothing more than BS, lies, disinfo, worthless gossip and propaganda, hence the migration to the Internet for news.

This article details the 935 LIES told by the Bush-Cheney Junta leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

That’s just ONE aspect of the number of lies needed to keep the sheeple bawling for more.

OBOMBA is just as bad, one would need a calculator to add up the number of lies told by that ‘No Balls Peace Prize Receipent.’

The PTB realize the MSM is losing its potency, yet they still need to keep the sheeple in line.

Enter cell phone towers and the microwaves they emit.

According to this source, there are over 220,000 cell phone towers and antennas in the USA.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies have identified adverse effects on populations living near cell phone towers.

General symptoms include headaches, fatigue, concentration problems, dizziness, insomnia, depression, appetite loss, skin rashes, and discomfort.

Section 6409 of the U.S. Middle Class Tax Relief Act enacted in February requires state and local approval of cell tower collocations and other wireless tower modifications.

“IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-104) or any other provision of law, a State or local government may not deny, and shall approve, any eligible facilities request for a modification of an existing wireless tower or base station that does not substantially change the physical dimensions of such tower or base station.”

Research on Health Effects of People Living or Working Near Cell Phone Towers

Cell Phone Antennas on Apartment Rooftops and their Health Effects


Microwaves Used as Weapons

Microwaves are key in the evolution of a new series of non-lethal weapons that the Military is interested in developing. These weapons could be capable of…

preventing voluntary muscular movements; control emotions (and thus actions); produce sleep; transmit suggestions; interfere with both short-term and long-term memory; produce an experience set and delete an experience set.

Microwaves used at low power densities can be used to induce sounds and words within a person’s head so that it appears that the person is hearing voices.

This technology can be used in isolated individuals either to send instructions to soldiers in the field who are in combat situations or it can be used on the enemy to scare and/or disorient them (one of the non-lethal weapons being developed).

There is also some evidence to suggest that this technology has the capability of remote mind reading.

As far back as 1958, the government was working on using microwaves to enslave humanity.


Frey Microwave Hearing – Beam Voices Into Your Auditory Cortex

Choosing which disease to inflict upon your target

Mind Control: The Ultimate Terror

Microwave Hearing Via Broadcast US Patent 4877027 Brunkan & MKULTRA

Image Source

Still think cell phone towers are harmless and only those who wear ‘tinfoil hats’ think they are being used to control people? ~ May 20, 2013


Part 2 of above article…

This is fairly easy to explain, much much easier than the mind control via EM manipulation that Les Majeste so nicely nailed yesterday. I am just going to cut to the chase –

What we call cell towers are absolutely not needed. They are often heavily fortified, are always fed at least 50,000 watts, often fed half a million watts, and typically spaced four miles apart, to give a signal radius of two miles per tower. Something is wrong with that.

The proof of how powerful they are is indicated by the size of the transformers feeding them, which are often 500KVA and Farganne even photographed and sent me the picture of one that had to be at least a megawatt.

WLS in Chicago transmits with five percent of that – (50,000 watts,) and can be heard clearly for over a thousand miles at all hours of the day with a reasonable radio, and often comes in clearly nationwide.

So why do what we call “cell towers” often get fed 10 TIMES THAT to talk to a cell phone two miles away?

When I was a kid, I had a set of walkie talkies that could talk to CB radios in a neighboring town when out in the open and on top of the hill (approximately two miles distant) and could even talk to a CB while transmitting out of the back seat of a car fairly predictably at up to about a half mile distant.

These walkie talkies had only half a watt, and that´s not even mentioning wireless N routers which can sometimes connect at half a mile with milliwatts.

So if WLS can reach nationwide, and a kid´s walkie talkie with a laughable output can connect at two miles, why then do cell towers often get individually fed enough juice to dwarf the output of WLS, when a kid´s walkie talkie can hook up at the same distance a cell tower is rated for with the power?

It would be understandable, for the purpose of penetrating the thickest walls and the darkest cellars to equip a cell tower with 100 watts, and then give that cell tower a fantastic receiver so it could hear the much weaker cell phone. But over that? NO WAY.

Is Haarp right in front of us, in plain sight?

There are over 200,000 cell nodes in America alone. Let´s just assume that half of them are not part of any clandestine system. What about the other half?

Well, to be on the conservative side, let´s just say they get the minimum 50,000 watts. 50,000 watts X 100,000 “cell towers” equals FIVE BILLION WATTS. Haarp in Alaska is rated at less than 100 million. So obviously then, the cell towers have a lot more kick.

That is a conservative guess – the actual number should probably be based on each cell tower having 250,000 watts because I have never seen a cell tower with a transformer smaller than that here is what a 250,000 watt (250 KVA) transformer looks like..

A transformer of this size, as small as it looks, can furnish 5 times the power that WLS broadcasts with. A small pad mounted knee high transformer in a local neighborhood can more than feed a 50,000 watt transmitter. But a big number is a big number any way you cut it, so it is probably irrelelvant.

I always thought it a little far fetched to think that Haarp in Alaska could affect the weather anywhere in the world, because the earth is curved, and to affect the weather in another location you would need to depend upon ionospheric bounce to get your signal to it´s destination and that is not predictable.

However, I certainly can buy into locally produced weather, where every cell tower in a region is fired up in a symphony of madness to cause it.

THAT would be believable, and if Haarp can tap the ionosphere with 50 million watts, to trigger a much larger cascade from the virtually limitless power the ionosphere contains, then the cell towers in a region certainly have enough power to do it.

At 250,000 watts each, which is most probable based on what I have seen feeding most of them, it would only take 200 towers to rival Haarp in Alaska and do it locally, right where the action is supposed to be.

Why stop at 200, when there are at least 100,000 available? For just about any disaster in any region, there will be over 2,000 in close proximity that can team up to get the job done. Need a bigger disaster? Fire up more.

I am not going into the over 95 percent of people´s heads concept of wave steering via synchronization of antennas, but it can be done – you can cause one transmitter to steal the energy of another and throw that energy in one direction via proper phase synchronization.

With computerized control you can get ALL towers in a region to focus their energy right where some evil bastard wants it. Perhaps the heart of an F5? ~ May 21, 2013


60 thoughts on “Cell Phone ‘Towers’ Are NOT What We Were Lead To Believe

    1. Because Know the Lies was the only site I could find where the 1st and 2nd parts of this article were together and in chronological order. Thanks for posting Jim Stone’s url.

  1. The towers are also a blanket radar military grid to accurately locate military aircraft across land. I don’t dispute any other nefarious purpose listed.

  2. I just know that if you dispute this, the MSM will laugh and say, “all of these towers are needed in order to keep up with the millions of people on cellphones or Wi-Fi every minute of the day. Otherwise, the communications will slacken, fall apart and be inefficient and insufficient with the people’s daily needs of power consumption.”

    I see these damn cell towers all over Austin, TX. I can’t stand being around the damn things. I know two of them that are most definitely NOT two miles apart from each other but are literally less than a mile apart on the same road off of McNeil Rd near the I-183.

    Every time I get near one, I start to get rashes on my arms and always wonder why. After reading this article I can see now that these were some of the negative effects of being near them and finally have my answer.

  3. I stopped reading when this article began comparing cell phones to AM/FM radio and citizens band radio. These technologies are not compatible and have entirely different purposes and characteristics.

    Also, 500 KVA transformers are one of the SMALLEST transformers used for power distribution. And due to supply & demand, it is often more cost effective to install a larger transformer than what is actually needed.

    I would also assume that the electrical services of most cell towers are sized larger than “needed” to provide power to a UPS, in order to continue operation during power outages.

    The size of a transformer (or electrical service) is irrelevant, as it only indicates the maximum amount of power available, not what is actually being used.

    I would suggest a more logical approach to investigating this issue. Since many of these sites are located in areas such as parking lots, it should be possible to read the utility meter and determine how much power is actually being used.

    You could also research the power requirements of cellular radio equipment. Since access to the equipment at these sites is unlikely, the size and number of antennas will be a good indication of what type of equipment is in use.

    1. You provide a little information which is not fully accurate yet nothing at all which disputes the extremely high probability of clandestined use of the technology. The odds are nearly 100 percent even in the absence of particular verifiable datas. Empirical evidence is still evidence.

    2. to start with, the towers do NOT operate of live electrical current. Just like our land line systems they ONLY operate off batteries, that are kept charged by live power thru a rectifier system inside the buildings near the towers. They operate off of -48volts DC power, as does all the equipment in the associated building, or stand alone transceiver base station. The towers appear to be so close together because there are multiple carriers, and sometimes they do not agree on a tower sharing contract with the toiwer owner, or other carrier. the maximun distance ANY carrier can have the towers apart is 8miles, and a single carrier tries to do almost that distance due to the cost of the equipment at each location. If it is a shared tower, with multiple carriers on it it is easy to tell as they will each be at different levels on the tower since no 2 carriers are allowed to be at the same height, or level on the same tower. Most of the microwave dishes that you see on the towers, different from the tall rectangular cell antennas, are to get high capacity signal, or lines to an area without easy access to fiber to carry the high volume of calls that cell towers handle !
      You ask how I know this ??? I have worked both ON the towers, and on the base station equipment for several carriers for quite a few years. ever wonder why the phones do not go dead in a power outage ? As I stated previously, THEY RUN OFF OF A BANK OF BATTERIES that are kept charged at all times. The Generators are to keep the rectifiers, and lights on during a power outage. withoput the generators you would only have about 2hours service and no tower lights when the power goes out !

  4. To be honest I didn’t read all of this article did quite a bit of research on this awhile ago.
    I didn’t see where this link was posted yet.
    You can look up how many antennas are within so many miles of your address (Or which ever one you put in) and what type they are and more.
    I was amazed there were SO many more around where I live than I saw just being out. It’s pretty interesting if you haven’t checked your area out yet.

    1. I have seen many antenaes every mile and a half or so mounted on top of telephone poles and I always wondered about what they were and I am thinking that they are for cell phones. Maybe not but they are for some kind of comunication. Never used to see those antenaes before about 4 or 5 years ago. I have only seen them in the country and never in the city. I have always wondered why.

      1. You should see how many we have in NYC. LOL
        In Connecticut, many are disguised to look like trees.
        Seriously (though it’s obvious to anyone driving down the road, that its a big, tall, fake “natural” Christmas tree

        1. LOL! Angel on disguised trees! 🙂
          Hmmmm? I haven’t seen that down here yet , your discription is too funny! LOL!

          1. It’s true. LOL “Natural” branches, stuck out of “natural” poles. We’ve seen them since, at least, 2006.

          2. It’s true! I know of one in Gibsonton, FL. I was visiting a friend and remarked on how strange it was to see such a huge Cyprus tree. He laughed at me and said come on lets take a ride. It was about 3/4 of a mile away and when we got I think maybe a quarter mile away it did start looking odd. We turned a corner and got into a clearing where it was visible again and Then I saw it was not a tree!
            My friend said that people were told that it was a cell tower, but I have never seen such a huge one before.

          3. In Tucson Az. , they are disguised as
            “Palm” trees. Only we don’t have too many 90 foot tall palms in town that are 3 1/2 to 4 feet at the base, like the towers.
            And to MARK who stated that transformer size is irrelevant, talk to an EE before making statements like that, transformers are SIZED to a specific task because cost is determined by size needed, so you DO NOT just throw a 500 KVA unit on site, if a 30 KVA will do the work, so your dog won’t hunt here.

          4. Gibsonton, FL has a Giant Cypress tree looking tower. No reason to disguise it there, besides which it looks ridiculous. It’s in a pasture that I used to like hunting for mushrooms in. I saw it two years ago when I was there.

          5. Now I’m sure Henry has nothing to do with it, but something very strange is going on. My post at 6:03 DID NOT POST AT THAT TIME and was lost!
            An hour ago it still was not here. But now it is.
            And it’s not just FTTWR, I have had issues like this today on two other sites!

        2. HaHaHa no kidding Angel, lol, they do come up with some real strange ideas don`t they. Reminds me of their fake deer along the road to catch poachers or like a manaquin dressed in a police uniform sitting in a squad car to slow people down. You would think that they would be a little more creative though woudn`t ya. LOL

        3. Those creepy looking ‘trees’ are all over CA, Angel. Have been for years, too.

          Well, off to work. No more comments till tonight.

      2. Hmmmmm? I don’t know Digger.
        I know they did something different to our street lights awhile ago. I noticed they looked different, it wasn’t until I was backing out of my driveway and my radar detector went off, (it picks up a lot of dif bands) so I know it is some type of radar/frequency.
        It was funny when they started putting cameras in at intersections years back (before they put it out in the news) my radar detector started picking them up, I knew where they were from that.
        I told a friend about it, she didn’t believe me, we went for a cruise and her mouth dropped open, she never noticed them being up there before that.
        Do you have a radar detector Digger?

        1. No RT, I do not have a radar detector, I just get that funny feeling ya know and all of a sudden the old mounty comes around the corner, or is sitting in a corn feild ya know, kind of like a sixth sense with me, hehehe. Yea I wish I had one though. I still got my old 40 channel CB radio from the 70`s though, 🙂

          1. Hehehehe! I get those same feelings! TYG!
            Wish I had my old CB!
            Liked talking skip, pretty fun!
            Thinking abt getting another one and maybe a used (Always wanted one 🙂 HAM radio. Did you know they changed the lic. requirements for HAM? You don’t have to know Morse Code for it any more…….?……wth is the thinking behind that one?

          2. Yep Angel, we do that here to. Yep we do that when ever there is a officer of the law in the area. Yes flashing the lights has saved me a time or two for sure 🙂

          3. Yep Angel, here too, thanks to everybody that carries on the tradition! 🙂
            Supposed to be against the law here in Fl., probably passed by executive order hehe!

          4. @ RT 8:11 Never have had a ham radio, one would be useful though. Me and my old buddies had walkie talkies and we would have our own clicks and dashes for comunications back in the day. we only had a range of about 5 mi. but that system did work though. That was years ago . Good old memories ya know 🙂 P.S. @ 8:09 Angel and @ 8:25 RT, Yea it is against? the law here too I think. Yep Angel and RT it is good to know we all here keep up with the old traditions. 🙂

          5. In regards to the radar detectors, those are useless as the police already have what they call a radar detector detector which can detect your radar before you detect theirs and therefore making your radar detector basically useless and nothing but a scam by electronic companies. I never used one, never wanted one and never needed one. But that’s just me.

          6. I have to disagree with you here, NC. I don’t know how it is in Texas, but radar detectors work in Oregon.

          7. NC, Glad ya never needed one 🙂

            After a speed trap from a 45 to 35 (That used to be 45mph all the way through) marked 35 after ya got around the curve with the new sign posted right behing a low full tree branch
            resulting in a ticket that I couldn’t get time off work to fight, spending 100-200something$ for an online class (So points not on lic.)
            Too say the least I was Pi$$ed.

            I searched many hrs., many nights and learned alot.
            (While there are no guarantees, I’d rather have one than not)
            Yeah, I know about their detector detectors, their bands, my bands, others bands, their radius, my radius…..
            I learned as much as poss. about detectors, jammers, bras(<Which I have to say my car looks better with it :), and the paint/film for lights, ect.(Which yeah, I purchased 🙂
            along with interesting things about the passing lane, cars behind, beside, in front, curves, hills, acceleration on incline and decline, road surface, counters, on and on.
            …..a lot more, to make the most affective use of my detector (Later on gave my jammer to older son, lucky kid. 🙂

            My detector has servered me well to this day and GW it continues to!
            I just like a heads up that they are around, ya know? 🙂

            Oh, must be quite a few people were able to take off to fight their tickets (A lot of people were pulled over that day, they had 10 leos 1 to each corner for 5 blocks ahead of where I was)
            Within 2 weeks of when I got my ticket, there was a NEW sign put up before the curve in the road "REDUCED SPEED AHEAD" 🙂

            ****With regards to this story though, not only does alert me to leo's,
            IT lets me know that other bands/frequencies are around me, that are unseen/noticed unless you look for it,
            like the cameras at intersections before it was made known to the public that they were installed.

      3. I might be able to tell you what they are. What city do you live in and who is the electrical energy provider in the area?

  5. Complete rubbish about the transmitted power levels and lower EMF exposure of distributed RF networks versus tall towers. The author is completely ignorant and factually incorrect. The biggest problem carriers have is in-band interference in it’s various forms (pilot noise, poor C/I, low BER, etc.) so they keep the power levels as low and antenna patterns as narrow as possible. The gated compounds are to attempt to reduce vandalism, loss of emergency services’ communications, not to mention the public’s, and to keep as much of their copper from being stolen by meth-heads who have somehow obtained all their gate codes.

    IF you think you have an RF sensitivity and you want to reduce your EMF exposure, use a hands-free speaker box or a wired headset and keep your phone away from your head and other organs. Due to the inverse square law and free-space path loss, the nearby tower is putting out thousands of times less power than your own phone, baby monitor, or any other wireless device you own. I hope you’re wise enough to know that all the environmental toxins your consuming, not to mention caffeine and other chemicals even your spinal alignment has a far greater effect impact on your health than RF.

    If you absolutely want to find out if RF is causing your suspected symptoms, rent some time in a laboratory Faraday cage and ask them to turn a transmitter on and off and do a double-blind test to see if you can determine if the RF is affecting you or not.

    Senior Network Design Engineer, AMI and former network design and optimization engineer for Nextel, Sprint. Note: I’m no longer employed by the cell phone industry and have no reason to defend it but these conclusions are absurd enough to warrant my comment.

    1. It won’t do you any good to try to double blind your EMF sensitivity anywhere except where you are already ‘feeling’ it. The nervous system doesn’t work that way. An EMF sensitivity is due to an overload in a certain range- or many ranges that are in your normal environment. The minute you move out of that environment the nerves that were previously overloaded become rested and desensitized. But that only means that a new ‘sensitization’ will likely occur, in time.

      Eliminating the EMF in your environment will help- depending on how far gone you are, or what is your genetic downstream, or health situation that got you sensitized in the first place. EMF is very tricky- and the human body can heal and divert it’s symptoms to another weaker or stronger area in order to adapt.

      Sometimes peeling off the irritants in your EMF load will reveal a deeper cause that seems like you are just getting worse and worse. But if you keep at it, and find the thing the put you into a ‘tipping’ point then you might be able to clear out your symptoms, heal your nerves and metabolism a little and regain your tolerance. But most often, once you tip over, you’re never the same again. This is too new for doctors, but it will help them to look at American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s position statement on EHS. It is not good news for many of us, but it will help you understand what is happening to you and that it is not a bogus disease state. This site is the first doctor group that recognized Agent Orange and Black Mold as diseases.
      Good Luck to any EHS sufferers- you will likely be outcasts in your own community. Be strong and avoid the signal

    2. i knew this guy was full of S also and commented on a few things … I was a tower tech and also a field or site tech for many years. glad to see though that after lots of BS comments i finally saw one from someone in the field that knows more than the author

  6. Hey people, just FYI, its easy to be paranoid about things you do not understand. I own a few ‘cell’ towers and big cellular providers rent space on my towers. I know every inch of the equipment on the towers inside and out. I have been doing RF engineering for over 15 years now. If you have any questions about what the equipment is and why its there simply ask me here in comments (reply) and I will take the time to answer and explain in laymen so that you can understand the what and why.

  7. Someone said to talk to an EE about the transformers, so here I am. The picture of the 300 kVA transformer is a stock photo and is not from a cell phone tower. I happen to have worked in both the power industry as a field service engineer and worked on many transformers. I also worked in the cell phone industry on the RF network side and have seen the inside of dozens and dozens of cell phone base stations and designed many of them including setting the power levels of the transmitters. I was responsible for managing the power level of the amplifiers of hundreds of cell phone base stations like the ones being demonized here. Most of the power the providers use goes towards keeping the equipment at room temperature. The company I worked for ran about 30 Watts per channel. BFD. AM, FM and TV towers blow out up to 1 million Watts.

  8. Well Mr. Faraday and Co., I wouldn’t say I was paranoid about anything here.
    I could start at gated compounds, but not going to waste my time. Just a question and a couple of comments.
    Do you live on the land by the towers you own?
    At any rate, may you enjoy your (IMO) dirty energy, your towers and the $ you make off them, as well as I may enjoy not having them, and the dirty energy around me 🙂
    You remind of the people at TSA standing by the backscatter machines all day telling everyone how safe they are, pffftt…….

    1. No, RF isn’t completely safe. I opt out of the backscatter machines, I use a wired headset or hands free because I know what EMF energy does to the body. My point is that any transmitter (say, for instance a radar jammer) or even a night light bulb puts out more EMF than a cell phone tower 1/4 mile away. The radios in polce cars transmit 30 Watts which is far more powerful than your mobile phone but I digress. Spend a day playing with some test equipment like an EMF field strength detector and your eyes will be opened.

      My eyes were opened when we were doing exposure testing on a cell site on a hotel. The antennas were right outside and below the window so I measured all around the window and had no measurements above the permissable levels for general population and then swept around the top of the window and got suprised by the alarm tone on the meter. I hunted all around for something and it was staring me right in the face – the exit sign with a light bulb inside. Since then, I always double-checked my meter by holding it up to a florescent or other bulb. You get within a few inches of an incandescent and it goes off – about 1/2″ of a florescent will do the same. Again, if you understand the decibel scale system I could explain it better but it’s difficult to compare nano- and pico-Watts versus Watts per square centimeter with the average joe.

      Suffice it to say, your laptop or desktop monitor is a much bigger concern than a cell phone tower across the street. I’m not even going to venture into all the x-ray emissions from the old glass CRTs.

  9. “I always thought it a little far fetched to think that Haarp in Alaska could affect the weather anywhere in the world, because the earth is curved, and to affect the weather in another location you would need to depend upon ionospheric bounce to get your signal to it´s destination and that is not predictable. However, I certainly can buy into locally produced weather, where every cell tower in a region is fired up in a symphony of madness to cause it.”

    I have spent a lot of time looking at Weather Weapons. I have no doubt HAARP is a BIG PART of this complex multi-Trillion dollar weapons system.

    You may well be correct that the Cell Towers are a PART also. One scary part about Cell Towers is there now exists a GPS reading for each address in the USA. So your home could be easily targeted. Of course this targeting could enable ANY high tech GPS based weapon, which do now or soon will be line of sight energy weapons. I have long had suspicions about the Cell Towers.

    It seems to me much of new technology is being used against we the people.

    1. There are HAARP facilites all around the world. They just completed global coverage with the ones that went online down in Antarctica last summer.

  10. Steven K Bailey

    – You apparently misinterpreted my statement. My point was that the size of a transformer does not indicate how much power is being used. It would only indicate the maximum that is available.

  11. Thank you Neal Anderson, “No, RF isn’t completely safe.”

    I agree with you on most points in your response, and have set up/use modalities for things you have mentioned, that I do use.

    “measurements above the permissable levels for general population ”

    FDA says GMO’s are okay for you to consume too, the meds you take with a black box lable are okay for you as well, and don’t forget to get vaccinated all “in permissable levels” …………

    You opt out, that’s your choice.
    “CHOICE” whether you want to use something or not.
    Choice is not an “Option” for some people that have these things imposed on them whether they want it or not.

    Where we disagree, we disagree….agreed?

  12. I personally own a small wireless company. I am also a ham radio operator for over 35 years. I think this article goes way beyond what it should.
    Cell towers do not transmit 10,000’s of power, ever. Our power level in measured in 10’s watts and not 10,000’s of watts and also EIRP depending on what gain of antennas we use. The reason you see so many is for constant coverage. They are typically only good for 8 miles or less, depending on the height and gain we use. Remember they have to be close enough to hear your little wireless device to transmit back to the tower. You’ll see several sectors facing 3 directions. Some towers have more some less. It all depends on the load the tower will be getting. We can only put so many customers on each sector without overload. So in more concentrated areas, we must use more. Each carrier has their own bank of sectors. Hence the reason you see up to 5 different banks of sectors. 700-800Mhz is the frequency of choice as it has enough penetration power to get through walls and trees, etc. Higher than that won’t penetrate much, lower than that won’t pass enough bandwidth to your device to get your speed.
    I do believe in HAARP and many other things that are going on. However, this particular article goes way beyond science and just adds to fear and is completely unproven. At least in my world and I live in the wireless world.
    HAARP operates at a very low frequency. At those low frequencies, you must use large antennas. Remember physics of RF is basically, the higher in frequency you go, the smaller the signwave, and the lower you go, the larger then antenna requirements are. HAARP operates well below 1Mhz to get its affect. so the antennas are extremely large compared to 800mhz antennas you see on cell towers. HAARP also uses phased antenna technology. Basically, that ties many antennas together and drives them as a single antenna to electrically steer the signal to a desired direction. We as ham operators do that all the time and I have personally built and use phased arrays, and still have 2 in operation.
    There could be other health reasons for living very close to cell antennas (within 100 feet) but beyond that the affects are very minimal.
    So please guys, get more technical with your articles and look up real science behind it. HAARP on typical cell towers is non-sense.

    1. Steve N,

      While I do understand what you stated in your reply with regards to near/far-field, Mhz, the grid system your 700-800Mhz is built upon and so on,
      I still would hesitate to say beyond 100ft. affects are very minimal, specially since our bodies are under constant bombardment for our life time, from these cell towers (As well as other factors I will mention a bit on).
      Could you explain to me the interchangeable method of your watt and Mhz useage?
      You fail to mention distortion that happens in fields based on circumstance(s).

      The human body is a natural antenna/receiver/electromagnetic body,
      also considering our human body is approx. 60% water and our vital organs are higher in percentage than that, it should not be expected to not absorb this energy, it is very conductive and it does.

      You stated you believe in HAARP, add to that the grid system your towers energies traverse, EMR energy grids, Smart grids, Chemtrail grids, Gamma rays, UV rays, and the other frequencies/bands/waves we are hit with constantly,
      then add to that any people that go through the backscatter machines frequently, have to have routine or occasional x-ray, CT scans, MRI’s.., I could go on believe you me.

      As I stated previous, I cannot agree any of these affects are minimally invasive to the human (Or otherwise) body, it was not designed for these man enhanced energies as they is being used.

      Please do understand I’m not trying to sound smarter than thou, these are my questions and concerns & mho.

      P.S. HAARP on cell towers may be non-sense, but cell towers do use a grid and it is not unimagineable that grid couldn’t be compromised.

      1. Good call, RT. I had serious doubts (and questions) about his comment myself. You saved me the trouble. Thanks.

  13. RT I’ll try to address your questions. I can speak about the technology. For cells to be “hijacked” I find that to be a big stretch. Simply, they are already being used to their full potential. For another technology like HAARP which uses a completely different frequencies, antennas, power, feed method, hardware, etc, the entire cell structures would have to be completely redesigned and enlarged. If you look at any of the HAARP installation, you’ll find they take up many acres of area to put in those phased antenna arrays. Those are large antennas built in vertical polarization and phased in “blocks” together. As they feed these, the gain will amplify and they can electronically “steer” the array into a desired direction. Again, this will take up no less than 10 acres of land to effectively be done in consideration of the sheer size of the antennas. Cell sites are typically owned by 4 large companies (that are not cell carriers) and they rent to all us carriers. We share some sites with up to 4 other carriers on the same tower. And realize we’re all using the same technology and near same frequencies and power. We know because we have to stay in very close tolerances to satisfy our license with the FCC. Even if we were “hijacked” they could only use the same power, frequencies, and technology that we’ve built there. Our antennas we have are designed for the center frequency of our spectrum we use. Altering that frequency would diminish the gain of the antenna creating huge standing wave ratio and become near unusable on HAARP frequencies. I am not trying to educate anyone on the technology as it takes years of study to completely understand what we use and how we use this. Touching back on the Mhz and power, remember that we use a near microwave signal. So the further you get from the antenna, you get diminished radiation. Cell sites are usually good for about 8 miles. Also nearly all cell sectors are put around 150′ to 250′ high which is well above where most humans would be. There is called a near field and far field array around the sectors. While our guys work on the antennas, we either turn them off or turn down the power due to them being so close. However as we’ve measured at 250′ away and the near field diminishes quite a considerably and becomes a safe working environment for our climbers. Remember, they hang on cell towers all day, everyday so their safety is our concern. There is alot of misconception in cell technology and most of it is based on fear of the unknown. But I can assure you, your microwave oven, wireless router, wireless cameras, and other devices in your home cause a much higher RF field than a cell tower 500 yards from your home. Please understand I am not a medical doctor, so I can’t be certain of long term affects of wireless “pollution” that we help to impose onto the public along with others. Also remember, we are just one signal of the many hundreds that humans pass through daily. AM/FM stations, VHF radio communications, in home wireless technologies, etc.
    HAARP frequencies are so low, they become worldwide. Ham operators like myself use 1.8 – 30Mhz and we can transmit all over the globe with 100 watts or less.
    The grid you mention is really all our cells are connected together in a “grid” formation. This is so customers can roam from tower to tower without dropping calls and coverage. Each tower is independent, but is also dependent on the mainframe for its backbone.
    Now you mention MRI, X-ray, and scans but those operate at a much much higher frequency than do cell technology at 700-800mhz. Those are in the multiple Ghz range. The higher you go in frequency, the more damaging it can become to humans. Your microwave oven in your home operates in the 2-3Ghz range and is dangerous if your exposed to it in close proximity without protection. (the housing around it is the protection/shielding). But again, you’d have to be within a few feet of it to impose any danger and remove the shielding. Your typical wireless router? Well that monster is basically the same frequency as your microwave and wide open. However its power is much less. (less than 1 watt, where a microwave can be 1200 watts)

    Now let me tell you what I believe is going on with HAARP. I do think they have found a way to use that technology to alter things. Big things. Those huge installations have so many arrays in phase, that they can easily produce mega watts EIRP. The frequencies they use are so low, they are the only ones there and the only ones that can experiment. That range is near the “sound” range. The Nazi’s developed a device in the 1940’s that could send a sound wave to a human at 50′ and kill them. The Russians have said they have been manipulating the weather via radio waves for many years. In Vietnam, the US also used a prehistoric HAARP that made it rain endlessly over the Ho chi minh trail so the viet cong could not easily move supplies. HAARP started out as a military device to “support” our troops before an invasion to give them that edge. Today, its been much improved and perfected with technology. I’ve read some disturbing notes from engineers in the past that said they’ve found that it can actually “resonate” with the earth and cause shifts (earthquakes). Now remember, they can steer this into any direction. The chemtrails adds another element to this…really. By adding aluminum and the chemicals, they can actually “charge” the air. I can only guess, but from my minimal understanding and 35 years of RF work, both used together could change things. Just imagine dumping metal over an area of hundreds of miles and then hitting it with 15 megawatts of power. Since I have no way of performing such a test, I can only imagine what it can do. I am not an expert, but I work in the field and do tons of research. Again, I am on your side on these things as I am “awake” but we must be careful to be accurate enough that people don’t roll their eyes when they see this info.
    Hope I didn’t make this more confusing.

    1. Steve N, HAARP can and has created many earthquakes. Why should this surprise anyone? Nikola Tessla was able to accomplish this nearly 100 years ago. HAARP technology is ALL based on Tessla’s discoveries. He was (in my estimation) the most brilliant scientist that ever lived.
      Not only that, but HAARP is capable of creating super storms (Katrina & Sandy, just to name two), and they also have something even more effective than chemtrails to do this with – chembombs (used for Sandy), a fairly recent addition to their arsenal.
      The Alaskan facility is not the only one, there are HAARP installations all around the world. Russia, China Norway, New Zealand, and France, just to name a few, also have HAARP installations. The final ones built just went online last summer, down in Antarctica – they don’t need to build any more as they now have total global coverage.

      HAARP is a multi-purpose weapon, it has more capabilities than the two I’ve mentioned here, which makes it (in my estimation) the most dangerous weapon on the planet.

  14. Steve N,
    I asked one direct question, and one indirect/your option.
    Maybe energy being hijacked is a big stretch? Not the biggest stretch, in a long stretch.

    Just a few more questions ok?
    1. If a smart meter can redirect a current/wave/wtfe to shut down an appliance, meter or grid/system can it not redirect that wave?
    1a. at one point or another?
    2. If you shut down that grid(s)/or system(s), could that energy be then passed on to a more consuming energy grid/antenna/generator? Via grid routes?

    You didn’t define anything for me, speaking for myself Only.
    I understand ELF to Y also crystals and other options.

    I’m glad you see HAARP, and I’ll try to remember 🙂 …
    Chemtrails, ya don’t say?

    Like I said before, I believe to Faraday & Co. “At any rate, may you enjoy your (IMO) dirty energy, your towers and the $ you make off them, as well as I may enjoy not having them, and the dirty energy around me ”

    No, you didn’t make this more confusing or enlightening.
    Thank you for your response and if you are true, do keep your eyes on HAARP and chemtrails, grids, and the stuff I already mentioned………………….

  15. “And RT, if you’re that concerned about the nefarity of your utility companies, why don’t you move to Sugar Grove and donate your “dirty” laptop, microwave and lightbulbs to Goodwill.”
    Not so much the utiliy co’s, as far as moving yeah ok, and I have donated two of the things listed and A Lot more to goodwill (and other places when I could/can), you are welcome.
    “Non-GMO” pesticide free, re the flouride filter system, check DR. Mercola’s site, may be beneficial for you. If you are worried abt HPV, they have a vaccination out there for ya 🙂 Hmmmm? there was a post here from Neal here????

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