Was Moore Tornado Created To Cover Up Scandals? Compelling Evidence!

Before It’s News – by stompk

I was watching a satellite loop of the tornado yesterday. I have to say, the HAARP wave patterns in the surrounding clouds was insane. Keep in mind, this tornado came out of nowhere, and in 16 minutes exploded into one of the most destructive tornadoes in history.  

I went searching for a satellite loop with a google search, and I found this link.

When I clicked on the first link in the search results, it was 404′d. Why? Fortunately, it was still cached. ;)

Here is the satellite loop.


I’ve taken a screen grab of the first image.

Notice all the crazy wave patterns. HAARP on steroids. 16 minutes later, it looked like this.

Notice the highly defined ELF wave patterns.


Stanford. Uggh!

Here’s the weird thing. I’ve been flipping between CNN and Fox this morning, and they are covering only the tornado aftermath. While I certainly understand the major news coverage of this horrific event, why don’t they break in at the top of the hour and just cover other news stories for a second? They certainly have time for commercials. In a half hour, I counted 17 commercials, even though I pay $80 a month for my satellite TV.

What news would they want to keep out of the public eye today?

The head of the IRS is testifying in front of congress today for the first time.


More whistleblowers come forward about Benghazi.


And of course we have the ongoing AP scandal, birth certificate, gun confiscations, fingerprinting people leaving the country, tons of scary financial news, etc…

For people who want to understand the science behind this weather warfare, please read my article about it. I’ve posted it in three different forums. Take your pick,






6 thoughts on “Was Moore Tornado Created To Cover Up Scandals? Compelling Evidence!

  1. Yes, a convenient distraction. It drives me crazy, like how HLN has turned into another Court TV sideshow with All Arias All the Time. Who the frack cares?

    Even my wife has commented on the wild swings in the casualty count from the tornado. Weird.

  2. Good work enbe,

    Those pics tell a thousand words. Just goes to show you what kind of evil DNA we are dealing with here. Killing people to hide 4 or 5 unpopular events that could start problems for one or two trillionaires.

    1. Thanks, Mark – NV, but I’m just a reader and send the articles to Henry. The credit for pulling together the evidence for this man-made storm goes to the BIN poster stompk.

      A few days previously I came down rather harshly in an earlier post on a commenter who couldn’t believe the government or military would or could do this to the people of our nation. I realized that rather than stomping on the doubters, maybe they would read something compelling if not too long or complicated. Then like synchronicity, the articles from some great freelance researchers and writers presented themselves, and here Henry and Laura provide the linchpin, FTT, through their never-ending work to keep it up and going.

      And yes, the banksters and elite corporatists are missing a human conscience and have no qualms about killing and causing people misery and hardship in order to make more money for themselves or make a problem disappear.

  3. I’ve been wondering why no one has mentioned HAARP over the past few days when these Tornados have been going on in Dallas, TX, Oklahoma and Iowa. Of course since, they took the Haarp status meter down and started charging people to see it, (basically shutting down free information, covering up the evidence and extorting money for people to see it) I guess that is to be expected.

    I was going to mention and research the incident earlier, but I have been busy and distracted by other things that I haven’t had much time to post or send articles as much as I usually do on here.

    Thanks for the post, Enbe. Glad I’m not the only one that thought that HAARP probably played a roll in this. Especially when the MSM has a tendency to exploit it and then tells all the news and radio stations to get people to make donations that will never be given to the victims anyways, but will actually be stolen by them out of the hands of We the people, like everything else they do. UGH! The constant corruption just makes me sick these days.

    1. Thanks for the little reminder toward the end of your note. Having been through a few hurricanes and I forget how many flooding tropical storms, I can tell you that the only national organization that makes sure more than 90% of its donations goes to the people in need is the Salvation Army. If you have money you want to give to the people devastated by these storms, make your donation to the Salvation Army and tell them where you want it to go. Or give them a call; they’re really nice people and they’ll be more than happy to talk with you.

  4. More coming your way heartland … sad to say. They are spraying like crazy here on the west coast. Our temps are way too cold for this time of year here. We should be having 80-103 degree weather each and every day here. We should be sleeping with the windows open at night … usually 70-80 degrees throughout the night with warm sunny morning and blue skies. The spraying is done at night. The skies are clouded over in the mornings and the days don’t actually start getting warm until noon. They are freezing us out!!!!
    . . .

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