21 thoughts on “Challenge of the day

  1. Going to send me a check for all the tax money they stole from me the last 30 years.
    Even George W. gave me back $200.
    Let’s see if he can even do that.
    C’mon. …can he beat a $200 bet…in Trump America. ?
    I’ll become a believer when I see it in my fkng wallet.

  2. The perpetuation of the fraudulent governance that buttresses the illusionary ” reality” of this living hell hole.

    1. HAHAHAHA, Angel! COL(Choke out loud).

      Almost all here 100% accurate. Some do still think there is a “voting” process that is adhered to, but after ALL tptb do to US on a daily basis they still believe THEY haven’t rigged “voting” and presidents. Like THAT is just too far? WTF.

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