Charlie Hebdo – Where’s the Blood?

Mike Rivero at What Really Happened posted:

The absence of blood is curious, but if you look closely at the slow motion at 1:03 you will see that the gunshot fired at the cop on the ground (who happens to be Muslim) actually misses him and strikes the pavement several inches past him.

But the main reason I wanted to post this is that it confirms that an Israeli media deputy editor “just happened” to be there to get the scenes on video.  

UPDATE: I am receiving emails that the unedited video showing that the gunshot misses the man on the ground are being pulled down from services like YouTube because of “disgusting content”, which is apparently code-speak for “embarrassing revelation that undermines the official story.” So grab a copy off the web while you still can!

Published on Jan 7, 2015 by Vista Agenzia Televisiva Nazionale

7 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo – Where’s the Blood?

  1. And of course no one in the MSM will allow the correlation between Israeli Mossad filming this event about to happen (murders at Hedbo) with Israeli Mossad filming what was about to happen across the Hudson River at the World Trade Center Towers (murders on 9-11).

    Dammit, American Idiots (the sheeple who still watch the MSM with any credibility whatsoever)! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE MSM’s LIES AND PROPAGANDA!

    And you idiot Christian Zionists: do you really believe God will allow Israel, the synagogue of Satan, to pull this crap forever?

  2. Being shot at that close range with a rifle round would have brains and blood spattered all over the sidewalk. Don’t see any.

  3. The Bullet or smoke from the Rifle, cleary misses the Actor who is lying on the sidewalk. just like 9-11-2001, they found a passport of one of the so called high jackers blocks away from the World Trade Center! In this charade these gunman magically leave their I.D. inside their vehicle, so as not to get caught⬅Sarcasm! I find it all so Amusing!

  4. The reason why there’s no blood is because pavements don’t bleed, even when shot at point blank range with a high powered rifle.

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