Charlottesville Police Chief Wants to Ban All Guns

Big League Politics – by Jose Nino

During a chilling exchange during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on banning assault weapons, Dr. RaShall Brackney, Chief of the Charlottesville Police Department, stated that she supports a ban on a broad range of guns.

While fielding a question on potentially banning hunting rifles, she said, “I believe any weapon that can be used to hunt individuals should be banned.” 

This candid admission demonstrates that Brackney would be receptive to banning any kind of firearm or weapon, due to the fact that any criminal intent on “hunt[ing] individuals” could use any kind of gun to carry that out.

During this hearing, Brackney was given various opportunities by pro-gun members of the committee to clarify or even retract her bold statement. Brackney stood her ground and maintained her anti-gun position.

Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube put her on the spot by asking, “Okay, so you then stand for the proposition to ban any type of firearm, because any firearm can be used and misused to kill people.”

Instead of giving a direct answer to the question, Brackney started talking about the police and the social contract. Steube tried repeating his question but was interrupted by anti-gun member of the committee who tried to bring up a point of order. She asserted that Steube was “attacking” her, when he was actually trying to get a direct answer, and asked that he “tone down his words.”

Steube tried to clarify again by asking the police chief, “Any type of weapon … that can be used to kill people should be banned?”

Brackney replied, “Sir, you’re adding the word ‘type.’ I said ‘any weapons,’ so that’s my answer. Thank you.”

The entire exchange can be viewed here.

BLP reported on the introduction of an “assault weapons” ban in the U.S. Congress a few months ago. If passed, this would be the second assault weapons ban implemented at the federal level since the passage of the first version in 1994.

Big League Politics

5 thoughts on “Charlottesville Police Chief Wants to Ban All Guns

  1. they dont care about US getting hunted

    its just their sorry asses they fear will be gunned down …lol and they think these “policies” or “fake laws” will protect them

    lololololololololololol endlessly

    1. They think that but they keep poking the sleeping giant ie the american national. Turns out he isn’t so sleepy anymore as many have noticed hence the constant commie spin about having a civil war 2.0.

  2. Charge with treason and Hang forthwith at the earliest opportunity once we take back our nation and re-instate the bill of rights and our peoples court jurisdictions.

    Thank you “Officer” for clarifying your status as a naked traitor to our laws.

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