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  1. Not my picture ( I sent 5 with no aircraft in the air ), must have been a mix-up. Henry / Admin, check my email again.

    1. Mark,
      I used to live in Sacramento. This crap is a daily reality there. I live in Portland now, and they hit us hard here as well. I moved here partly because I am a retired pipe welder out of a local in Sacramento. I have breathing problems from welding, and this stuff makes it MUCH worse. Nothing like breathing but feeling like you are asphyxiating…I’ll be looking for your pictures once they post…

      1. Hey Alf the Obstinate,

        Ya, Sac is worse than here because of the heat and lack of bay humidity we have. Born in San Francisco here, but grew up in Altaville ( just up the hill from Angels Camp, Hwy 49 & Murphys Grade road – 52 years ago ), that’s where at the age of 5, my ex-military father taught me how to shoot.

        Welding is as bad for the lungs as painters using nitrocellulose lacquer. You’re much better off in Oregon than Kalifornia. At least you’re a wee bit better off in the water department. Glad you got out !!! I can’t, my 82 year old mom is in a hospital bed in our living room – full-time care giver here.

        I’m sure they’ll get it straightened out. Mixed full-coverage with the obvious trails. It’s been a near daily event here too for at least a decade.

        Be well Brother !!!

    2. I live west of Portland Ore and have been seeing these jets spraying Chem – trails and tracking them by radar at a web site called flightradar24.com most are 737 from 1 company flying in and out of Boeing Field in Washington state they start spaying west of Portland at about 35,000ft over the foot hills of the Coast range . then fly down to about Eugene ORE .Make a u-turn and spray their way back to Washington State . I did see and track 1 cargo jet that was Canadian spraying as well that was the first time i seen one from Canada doing this . We also had two Cobra gunships flying over the towns of Forest Grove , Dilly ,and Gaston at about 500 ft at about 11:30 am Sunday /today it looked like they were doing mock gun runs then they headed due North . Saturday around the same time Two Cobra gunships fly down the same valley then headed SE maybe going to Newberg Ore . Strange events for this area .

      1. My Gal, the love of my life, lives in the lower mainland, BC, Canada in the Fraser Valley about 15 miles over the border in Chilliwack. They are getting slammed. She has had many health related problems as a result, and most of the people she knows and talks to are experiencing the same. No surprise here that Canada’s complicit too . . .

        1. Agreed Mark! Harper is definitely a major zio-tool asset/a-hole. Hope you’re doing well. Still keeping you and your family situation in my thoughts and prayers.

          1. Yup, Harper is a POS. My immune system is jacked, trying to kill my skin. I’m on Methotrexate to shut down / limit my immune system and keep my entire body from turning to an eczema like rash with wicked itch. However, I’m hangin’ and giving my mom 5 star care !!! After $10,000.00 worth of tests my doctors can’t determine exactly what is afflicting me nor can they determine a cause. I have my suspicions, but can’t afford to pursue further tests.

            Thanks for your prayers Brother, much appreciated and I pray for all our American National Brothers and Sisters. Of course, both you and all the good people here.

  2. Yep. That’s the photo I sent on the 18th. I’m sure they’ll get it straightened out. Southeast South Dakota is a little way from the Bay. lol

    1. Hey Hal, I was just about to post that it was your photo from a couple of days ago. Haha

      On a different note, my daughter and I were running to the store a few hours ago and spotted two huge military choppers above us. I don’t know what kind they were, but were big enough to transport a vehicle. Very unusual for my area, as there aren’t any bases close by. We live in eastern MA/NH border.

      1. Deb,

        Did those military helicopters have twin front and rear blades ( not counting tail rotor ) ?

        1. Mark I was driving at the time. It looked like only rear blades. They were high enough up, that I couldn’t get a good look. But they were unmistakenly huge. i told my daughter to try and get them on video with her cell, but the trees made it impossible. I’m keeping my eyes peeled from now on, especially with them flying so close to my area. They weren’t even a 1/4 of a mile from my house. I feel like an idiot for not knowing what kind of choppers they were, it was so unexpected. I’m going to try to do better with any Intel I see next time.

          1. No problem Deb, I was just curious and thanks for reporting the activity. Keep a watchful eye and hang tough !!!

      2. Thank you Deb. There has been above normal activity here even though there is an air base close. I figure just catch as much as possible and pass it around so it’s on record. I missed two small convoys while pulling weeds in the garden. Even though I had a camera with. Just not enough time, to much concealment from the interstate back there. I’d like to set up a game camera or the like to monitor I-90. Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.

        Be safe,

        1. A game camera would be ideal if you could place it in a location that would be relatively secure. But we all know what’s up and coming. Keep a sharp eye Brother as we all do, and thanks for your input !!! And yes, where you are is a ” fer piece ” away from me. From FEMA Region 9, 80 miles inside the ” Constitution Free Zone “, deep behind enemy lines . . .

          1. If it weren’t fer folks like you and ya’ll, I’d be sleeping today. It took awhile for the head to reject the kool-aid! 90 is already planned, just need to come up with the equip. to do so.
            Thank you FEMA Region 9.
            FEMA Region 8 out. lol

    1. Mark and Deb,

      I live in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, which is a neighborhood of Boston. Over the past week, I have seen Black Hawk helicopters over our neighborhood twice.

      Apparently, these are part of Operation Swift Response. Here is a link: https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/06/08/black-hawk-helicopter-fly-over-eastern-massachusetts/jDoXLjaA7Fxs9WHDFhGv2K/story.html

      I keep an eye on the sky for helicopters. Black Hawks are very out of the ordinary around here. Every weekend there is a large and heavy Coast Guard helicopter that flies very low over our house to a base on the south coast. Hueys occasionally go over. Never Black Hawks.

      Is this training to acclimate the residents to seeing the military operate in urban centers in preparation for martial law? I think so, but who knows?

      Here’s one for you: A couple of years ago, they actually had Commandos train by landing a helicopter on the roof of a school in a dense residential area of Jamaica Plain. Absolutely outrageous! http://jamaicaplaingazette.com/2011/08/12/commandos-train-in-agassiz-school/

      P.S. I come here from a website that is also excellent – The Burning Platform.

      1. Greetings Yojimbo,

        I’m about 1.5 miles south of the Oakland International airport and the small airport. We routinely have Coast Guard helicopters flying circles around here and right over my house too. Training ? About a year or so ago, I had 3 helicopters make multiple passes over my house below the minimum ceiling, then make a parallel pass about a quarter of a mile away between my house and the east shore of the SF Bay. First was blue / white with a camera on the nose, second was orange / white with a camera on the nose ( no markings on these ), and third was OD Green with a white circle surrounding a white 1 near the tail. Didn’t get pictures, but put the binoculars on them and they know I saw them. Gave them the double-one finger salute. They all came from the direction of the Hayward, CA small airport south of me. What to make of it ?

  3. Yes, they have been spraying hard over the Bay Area. Thursday I was driving with a buddy on 880, there was an unmarked plane that appeared to be 2 tone black and white. It was a small jet maybe a 707. It was heading due east and at one point the sunlight hit across the bottom part of the wings. Sure enough, 6 pods or spraynozzels completely undetectable from directly below. I assume they are flying out of NASA-Ames but Im not sure. I saw 3 planes dumping at the same time on Friday around 2 pm.

    1. Either NASA-Ames or Travis AFB I suspect. I’ve seen 6 planes spraying here at the same time on different flight paths that do not match up with the commercial flight paths from the airports at San Jose, Oakland, or SFO. I doubt they’re coming out of Edwards AFB in the Mojave desert ( ya, I’ve been out there many times ).

    2. If those jets are above say 2500 feet you can track them online at a website called flightradar24.com it gives you tail numbers and stuff like that as well .

      1. Visual confirmation with high power binoculars josh. NO FAA markings. NO windows on any of the jets. They do not appear on flightradar24 so they fly with no black box. USGI 100%. Watch them frequently. ALL cia/usaf variety jets. Some fly wildly off course in a vertical lift out of control at times that would blackout any crew or pilots and regain control to fly pattern as programmed. Probably droned and fly by wire. Fewer accomplices to minimize intel leakage.

        1. My Gal in BC, Canada tracked 2 last night – no identification whatsoever for those planes on the tracker, then they just disappeared after some crazy flight paths. I suspect they’re playing with their transponders . . .

  4. been picking up a lot of them with the ” no call sign” attached to them
    also seen “Blocked” on some

    chances are its a chem plane

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