Chilling Video! Blood Tracks Back Into Theater! Why? “More Proof We Have A Conspiracy”

Before it’s News  Check this out. The tracks are heading back INTO the theater. Something definitely went down behind the theater with the victim running in.

Image of the area: [link to]

Google video image showing how far the victim ran.

[link to]

This aerial photo shows the shooters car parked by the back door to theater 9.

The blood spatter pattern suggest an arterial bleed. The evil in this photo is surreal.

[link to]

What I don’t get is why does the pattern seem to appear as though the direction of travel was INTO the theater?

[link to] [link to]

Notice how the blood pattern begins on the sidewalk to the right of the photo and progressively shows more and more blood and a larger pool at the door. Was someone shot outside and then they turned to retreat and go back inside?





Much more on bloodstain pattern analysis @ and

One thought on “Chilling Video! Blood Tracks Back Into Theater! Why? “More Proof We Have A Conspiracy”

  1. Ahhh…the plot thickens….

    This just in…a word from your Justice Department….

    “Nothing to see here. Nothing important. You people and your CSI. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. Our forensic experts say it’s just ketchup that someone was bringing into the theater hours before. But just to be on the safe side, we are going to block, dismiss and exclude all of this information from the case as it will jeopardize the outcome of our investigation. Now let’s get back to this Holmes guy. He’s so evil. Just look at him. We should execute him, right?”

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