One thought on “China Stocks Up – UK Panics – Cartels Seize Avocados – Fake Eggs – Crop Losses

  1. They’re creating whole cloud systems in the Sierra with mountaintop cloud generators. In Reno, NV is DRI- Desert Research Institute- this is quietly what they do. It used to look like a forest fire in the distance, now these seeders obfuscate the whole sky. The warmth in August disappears into a windy cool day by 2 pm. I’m up early, need heat almost every morning last few years 365.
    Live in the forest, it’s like living in shag carpet, the silver iodide, and presumably nano aluminum and others just accumulating. Then the idiots blame (arson) forest fires on climate change. Yeah, nano aluminum and silver blanketing the forests is not a major accelerant.

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