Chinese Ad Campaign in America

The Chinese have launched a massive ad campaign in the United States depicting themselves as more intelligent, more industrious, more fiscally responsible, and all in all just plain better than Americans.  This from a people that allows political dissidents to be held in cages where they are literally fattened up until a rich internationalist places an order for one of their organs, after which they are taken to a hospital, put down, and parted out.  The human product is then iced down and put on a plane to Japan where the new recipient is waiting.

These are also the fine upstanding people who have a one child policy and for whole generations, kill baby girls at birth.  Of course their illustrious president did admit on Thursday that they need to work on human rights in China.  They must think that we have no memory and will readily accept them as the civilized people they are trying to portray themselves as being.

In the last few days we have witnessed a Nobel Peace Prize recipient (Barack Obama) bowing down to and swapping spit with a dictator who refused to allow the most recent recipient to attend the ceremony and accept the award.  Why?  Because this Chinese fellow was active in pointing out human rights abuses in China.

The corporate elite can certainly afford the window dressing for the Chinese government that they are a-courtin’, but it does not change the blatant facts that the American people have been aware of the truth since before President Nixon first betrayed our morality and went to China to swat spit with Chairman Mao, who perpetrated genocide on 60 million of his own people.

Dictator Hu is now scheduled to head for Chicago where he will meet with Soetoro’s bosses to make sure that his dictates in reference to American policy are carried out to the letter, or else.

Why are not the American people in the streets demanding that this proposed co-habitation with these baby eaters be stopped forthwith?  America is being shamed in the eyes of the world.  Soetoro and company do not represent me.  In fact they do not represent a majority of the American people.  Which begs the question, what the hell do they think they are doing?  Every politician who supports the embracing of the totalitarian Chinese government butchers should be voted out of office in 2012.

God bless us and keep our vision clear when comes to the sneaky Chinese.

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  1. The picture of Barry bowing to that Commie almost made me puke ! Why doesn’t he just get down on his knees and kiss the asshole’s feet ? I never thought I’d see the day when an American President would BOW to a commie thug.

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