99ers This Situation as a Whole Stinks

On the January 25, 2011 the con man Soetoro will be attempting to blow as much sunshine up the American public’s arse as is humanly possible.  The event is being billed as the State of the Union Address.  It could be more properly identified as the Pathetic State of the Union Address.

I am sure his speech writers, working with every bit of information provided to them through the corporate think tanks, will make this State of the Union Address the greatest attempt at polishing a turd in our nation’s history.  But at the end of the day that turd will still be a turd, reeking and in need of a flush.

60 million unemployed, 1.5 million homeless, CAN YOU SMELL IT?

48,000 troops in Iraq and 74,500 troops in Afghanistan, at $1 million a pop per year is, let’s see that’s $122.5 billion per year.  THAT ONE GAGGED ME!

$56.8 billion in foreign aid, $40 billion for the phony drug war, OOH, OOH, THAT SMELL!

2010 saw the second worst year in new home construction, ever, and it will be worse this year.  Add to that a predicted 3 million existing home foreclosures for the coming year, ICK!

A predicted one to two million public sector jobs will be lost, and another one to two million unemployed will become 99ers this year, OOH WEE, THAT ONE WAS RANK!

Oil is predicted to go above $100 per barrel causing already rising food prices to raise further, PEE YEW!

American banksters are pumping billions more stimulus dollars into the Chinese economy while American corporations are building more factories in China, India, and South Korea.  I can’t take anymore, in fact I take it back, this is not a turd, this is the world’s largest steaming pile of human feces to ever accumulate in one place.

But by next Tuesday, when the State of the Union rolls around, it will be reduced to a single turd which President Soetoro, after oiling up his forked snake tongue will attempt to polish to a brilliant sheen.  And don’t worry about the taste in his mouth as it is ca-ca in, ca-ca out.

I apologize for this shitty article, but it needed to be said.  Informational disclaimer, Lysol will only disguise the smell of this article as the content can only be eliminated through flushing.  America, it is time to flush this government and start over.





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  1. You don’t need to apologize for this article. Every single word of it is true. Just makes my blood boil. This is the post I am spreading around today.

    They will address the 99ers in March? How many people do you think will become homeless and starve to death before March? How many people do you think have chose suicide over homelessness? The 99ers are suffering NOW and will continue to suffer. Their numbers and continuing growth are staggering, and their desperate situation effects all working class Americans — employed and unemployed. The fact that their situation was ignored in December says a lot about political priorities. We allowed the government to give the top 1% of the rich a tax break in exchange for throwing a lifeline to some of the unemployed. Does anyone hear laughter? I can guarantee you they are sharing it in Congress except for the Speaker of the House, John, he is probably in a corner crying. So my fellow Americans you can continue to talk and do nothing, or you can help us organize this nationwide rally to prevent the total collapse of our country. Please go to the website From the Trenches World Report, click on Organized Resistance, then states represented to date and put your first name under the State you live in and the address of your unemployment office. http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/. So I wonder are we going to be the same America that can be called all talk no action or do any of you want to DO SOMETHING?

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