Cold Climate Disaster Coming Our Way

Situation on the territory of Gabrovo Municipality seems to deteriorate with every passing hour: Mayor (ROUNDUP)Dr. Sircus

This is a serious warning: An early build-up of snow in the northern hemisphere suggests that governmental units, charities and families should be prepared for the possibility of extended periods of colder and/or snowier weather relative to average  this winter. This would especially be a factor in the mid-South where they are not used to getting much snow in the winter. Budgets are going to be busted with snow removal. Many families will struggle with increased heating bills.  

We continue to have a huge build-up of snow in the northern areas of the Northern Hemisphere. From Canada across Siberia to northern Europe, snow has come significantly earlier than average.  There is a strong correlation between early snow cover in eastern Asia and cold/snowy winters in the eastern U.S. Air that sits over all that snow is going to be cold and getting colder as the sun continues to retreat to the south until we reach the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21.

In Great Brittan heavy and persistent snow, freezing gales and sub-zero temperatures threaten to grind the country to a standstill for up to FIVE MONTHS, horrified long-range weather forecasters have warned. The impending bout of extreme weather will come as a shock and forecasters have warned Britons should not to be lulled into a false sense of security by the recent mild conditions. January is currently showing signs of temperatures hitting “record-breaking” lows meaning parts of the country could see the mercury plunge to -27C (-17F).

The greatest human disaster of the last thousand years is upon us and governments are asleep at the helm. A train is barreling down the tracks headed right for the peoples of earth yet there are those who lie and say the train is moving away. As they cry about the heat, it is getting colder at a dangerous rate. The planet is losing heat even though things are heating up with volcanoes and earthquake activity.

Global cooling is hard reality, it is no one’s fantasy. It is not a computer model that creates mental fabrications and estimates of reality without touching on reality itself. Global cooling means cold and lots of it. That means lots more energy to keep warm if you live outside the tropics.

Look at the following video to get a peek at the speed of cooling that is going on. It will show you the northern ice pack; how fast it grew in a recent ten-day period. In the southern hemisphere, we just finished winter, and saw record sea ice form around Antarctica. I can feel that from here in the subtropics, for I live at the furthest point east in all of the Americas in Brazil. Looking down the globe from here it’s a straight ocean run to the ice pack ten thousand odd miles to the south.

Millions of us better start recalculating our lives. Certainly hundreds of towns and cities will have to recalculate their budgets for snow removal. Heating bills will have to be recalculated. Just imagine what will happen to many economies and the retail business if people cannot get out of their homes during the holidays.

It is understandable if it is hard to grasp the full danger here. First, the governments have everyone looking the other way so no one prepares. People in Bulgaria, as we shall see below, are already suffering from what I am talking about and it is still early fall.

Think of it this way to get your mind around it. A hurricane is headed directly toward you and it is going to be a whopper. First thing you do is run to the market and clear out the shelves, stocking up on everything you can think of in a hurry. No time to think because everyone else is running.

Now the size! This storm is going to hit the entire northern hemisphere at the same time starting now and building up and continuing for the next six months. In Bulgaria winter and unending snow of at least 40 hours duration is burying them right now taking their power as well. Even without record snow, record cold will be a storm on millions of lives.

Russia, China, Europe, Canada and the United States will be the worst hit. Crops have already been destroyed from early snow and cold. Do I have to put on a blue jacket and saddle up like Paul Revere yelling the cold is coming the cold is coming? Ebola will be the least of our problems.

I have been writing about global cooling for about seven years. It is that length of time at least since a long list of scientists have been warning us about what is going on. Obviously, we have not been listening and we have these loud obnoxious political sound machines out on all the streets blasting out warning of global warming.

Time Magazine and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced a week ago. “The earth “could be” heading for its warmest year on record. Last month was the warmest September in 135 years of record keeping, with the global average temperature 60.3 degrees Fahrenheit (15.72 degrees Celsius), the Associated Press reports. May, June and August were also record-breaking months. NOAA climate scientist Jessica Blunden told AP it was “pretty likely” that 2014 would be the hottest year since measurements began.

Hard science is staring us right in the face. The sun is in retreat and it does that from time to time without fail. We have had Ebola and war threaten us but now the concern is going to shift week by week to the cold, snow and ice. I would not want to be without a BioMat during a long cold winter. Only problem is they depend on electricity.

US having coldest year on record-2014

This image shows that US is having coldest year on record-2014 “The most widespread heat occurred in 1931, when more than 98% of stations were over 90 degrees.” The percentage of US HCN stations to reach 90 degrees was the smallest on record this year, with four of the five coolest years occurring above 350 PPM CO2.

Winter in Fall

Burgas and Gabrovo remain in distress

Gabrovo and Sevlievo declare emergency in Bulgaria because of extremely severe winter conditionsat the end of October with two full months remaining before winter officially arrives. More than fifty villages have no electricity. All roads and passes in the region are blocked. The main roads in the country are closed, trains are stopped, and thousands of subscribers are without electricity. Heavy snow did not stop for ten hours, along with hurricane winds and freezing temperatures. 40 people, including 20 children, were stranded for four hours at the train station after trains stopped moving in the region. Authorities have mobilized all civil protection teams, fire and police, and 50 snowplows. However, their work is hampered by the columns of stranded cars.

The situation in Gabrovo Municipality seems to deteriorate with every passing hour after more than 35 hours of continuous snowfall. The heavy snowfall is cutting power in more and more settlements as their number by the moment is over 90. Three living districts in Gabrovo are also without electricity. Last time I checked it was 44 hours of continuous snow. The post-storm situation following this past week remains critical. Drinking water is unfit for human use due to turbidity of the local lake. About 50 villages and districts in the county town are still without electricity. The dire situation remains in force.

The amount of available grain will decline as temperatures get cooler. Even if you’re able to harvest it, if the wheat is covered with snow when you harvest it, once that snow melts and turns to water, the seeds become moldy. Russia has slashed its wheat crop forecast. Same conditions in the Ukraine – early snows damaged the corn. Sorghum, flax, millet, buckwheat, it doesn’t matter which grain you’re talking about, if it gets wet it’s unusable. As snows arrive earlier with a cooling phase on Earth, grain harvests and planting will be affected.

Even in Hawaii it is cold. Despite the volcanic action in Hawaii over the past few days, the islands of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea experienced a rare and very early snowfall two weeks ago. While snowfall on the big island is nothing new, commonly seen on the mountains on Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, seeing snow this early in the season on the mountains is somewhat rare. It is exceptionally cold for October in Hawaii.

Moreover, what do we have served up for weather these coming days in the United States fromAccuWeather?

Depending on its path, the storm could dump major snowfall over part of New England and as far south as the mountains of northern Georgia, leaving fallen trees and downed power lines in its wake. “A shocking blast of cold air and the potential for snow will highlight the weather for millions in the Eastern states this Halloween into the first weekend of November, says

“The highest elevations of West Virginia may receive between 1 and 2 feet of snow,” says AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams. Meanwhile, a different storm will dump rain on the Pacific coast as far south as Southern California, where snow levels could drop to 5,000 feet.

4 thoughts on “Cold Climate Disaster Coming Our Way

  1. Thanks for posting. Several years past heard an astrophysisist say we were entering a mini ice-age. Sure glad I’m in the south.

  2. The writer says…”I’ve been warning about global cooling for 7 years”. Oh …… I’m sorry….I got you mixed up with the fool who’s been talking about global warming for 7 years and that other idiot Al Gore who can’t make up his mind so he calls it climate change. Now let me guess? Everything can be remedied with a global green tax and a tripling of our electric bill. Correct?? Of course I’m correct. Now go f*ck yourself.

    1. I agree with you Joe in JT. Global warming, global cooling, they have both ends covered. The only thing that needs to get warmer is the barrels of our guns and the only thing that needs cooling is the body temperatures of those responsible for this weather modification. We all know it’s about destroying mankind with total enslavement and mass genocide at the hands of the Zionists. It would be prudent to find alternative heat sources that don’t rely upon the global market. Remember last year. Propane and Natural gas prices quadrupled while we we’re exporting this resource and then claiming there was a “shortage”. So much for our benevolent and all caring government watching out for the welfare of the people they represent. What a scam!

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