Complete MSM Blackout as Americans Protest Their Fake Presidential Election Process

Published on Apr 14, 2016 by TRUTHstreammedia

Over 500 people have been arrested now for “unlawful demonstration activity” as protests against our rigged presidential election process continue on Capitol Hill this week with over a thousand people showing up in just that one city alone, maybe more. Not only did the mainstream media fail to really cover the protests and misrepresent the reason people are protesting when they did cover it for a whole 12 seconds, but the MSM also blacked out the mass arrests, a record for the Capitol, effectively censoring the fact that people are waking up and willing to take a stand against this tyranny so that more Americans don’t join them.

Everyone who can should.

3 thoughts on “Complete MSM Blackout as Americans Protest Their Fake Presidential Election Process

  1. wanna teach the bastards a lesson (MSM) turn off the damm television.
    and the sponsors will take thier money elsewhere. money and ratings
    ya see,

  2. Hey Mikey, back in the early days of print news the zionists would threaten advertisers with bad press if they did not go along with the zionist protoccols of the time.The parasites put many of good Christian newspapers out of business. I agree with you whole heartedly to shut off the television, unfortunately the dye was cast decades ago. Television is god.

    1. Its worse than that. The frn is God and the frn is 100% jewish. We are already 100% enslaved. We are just starting to realize this. A few jews create from no sweat of their brows what we all seek above all else to accrue seeing what the jew freely creates as real wealth. Where does this place the creators of what all seek and what all see as lifegiving in itself? We have already placed the jew where all believe God is in their lives. Commercialism is the jews church and we all go and venerate the creators of this church and very few can even think beyond money.

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