Congress Can Overturn Executive Orders

Now that the Republirats will be in control of both the Senate and the House, do you think they will overturn Obama’s threatened amnesty executive order?  Or for that matter, any of the other millions of infringements on our Bill of Rights?

They do have the power to overturn any executive order, as referenced here:  

Congress may influence the duration and effectiveness of executive orders. Orders issued pursuant to authority provided to the President by Congress, as distinguished from orders that are based on the President’s exclusive constitutional authority, may be legislatively modified or nullified. Congress may revoke all or part of such an order by either directly repealing the order, or by removing the underlying authority upon which the action is predicated. Either of these actions would appear to negate the legal effect of the order.

And here:

Congress cannot directly vote to override an executive order in the way they can a veto. Instead, Congress must pass a bill canceling or changing the order in a manner they see fit. The president will typically veto that bill, and then Congress can try to override the veto of that second bill. The Supreme Court can also declare an executive order to be unconstitutional. Congressional cancellation of an order is extremely rare.

And here:

Congress can overturn an executive order. It can overturn parts of an executive order. If the executive order is based on a statute, Congress can change the statute, thereby nullifying the order. Congress can also refuse to fund activities stemming from all or part of the executive order.

6 thoughts on “Congress Can Overturn Executive Orders

  1. Remember this date, October 1, 2015 that is when things in our country start collapsing in confidence in government.

    Which means nothing will change with the republicans in power now, and more and more people will start waking up to this reality.

    If your willing to bet against me, I’ll take your bet!
    They will keep cry baby Boehner as the majority leader, and Reid’s half brother will now be the majority leader in the senate.

    I’m sad for this great country! October 1, 2015 is when it begins.

    1. I bet against you Sir.
      I think it will happen in Feb 2015. the 6th will be the start but the 8th is when it will become real.

      You didnt say why you chose that date but I will.

      Feb -Apr is when peoples winter food is dwindling . Wild food is less common until Apr-May. Feb is the coldest month. If social unrest starts then. People are less likely to survive in the woods on bug out. They also are more dependent on grocery stores. If I was a tyrant that is when I would crush dissent. Also it is a week or two after the dismal x-mas sales reports. This will send shivers down the economy. Hiring freezes will start.

        1. “It” to me means
          nation wide SHTF

          Scott defined “it” as “when things in our country start collapsing in confidence in government.”

          I for one think his “it” has come and gone.

          Get your “I survived POLICE STATE 2015” shirts today people. Before its too late. lol

          1. I don’t believe we’re going to make it through 2015 without major chaos. The 2016 election, not gonna happen.

  2. I originally started off on this to laugh at this story.
    Oh man, the repubricrats will save us.
    what a relief.

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