13 thoughts on “Congress just passed $1 billion for Iron Dome

  1. $4.8 trillion and another billion or trillion for Ukraine, $10 billion to the UN, but ZERO money for us Americans.

    This is why we need to hang the elites and our government in occupation and lastly, stay out of foreign entanglements!!!!!


  2. “I believe America ensuring Israel’s security and safety and sovereignty is in America’s best interest.. OH I REMEMBER YOU FCKRS DANCIN IN THE STREETS!!!! WE DONT OWE YOU A FCKG DIME IRON DOME CKSUCKERS!!!!! America can heal this scourge!!!! SIX FEET DEEP

  3. God frikkin’ Damn it!! Stab, stab, stab!!! Some minority of people are cursed with having an empathetic gene. I seem to fall into that group. Every single gross injustice, every horrific horrible suffering, I feel in the depths of my soul. How they love to pollute the weekend. May the fight flourish.

    Guess I’ll ask Waylon to waltz me back to equanimity:



  4. Man, those iron kippahs sure are pricey. Nice of these traitors to siphon our wealth to to fund these parasites.

  5. “We don’t do it because it’s important to Israel. We do it because it’s important for us.”

    Us? Who’s us? They don’t mean sh*t to me and anyone else on know.

    Yea, us means you political puppets getting brownie points and money from the Zionists while the rest of us peasants are left homeless on the streets.

    This bastard thinks it’s saving lives. The dumbass doesn’t even know who the real enemy is. He just financed his own destruction as well as the destruction of his country.

    This guy is so two-faced and condescending in his message, it’s not even funny.

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