Connecticut Courts want Citizens Disarmed

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The government of the State of Connecticut seems content to exploit the murder of children at Sandy Hook to further disenfranchise their citizens of their rights. Not only are these citizens facing knee jerk legislative actions that have called on them to disarm, there also seems to exist a culture among the courts that shames gun owners for the most basic expression of their constitutional rights.

These despicable and deplorable acts against the law abiding only magnify the damage done to the state by the Sandy Hook Massacre as they use the blood of their own dead to further push a radical agenda by anti-gun groups that wish to see the law abiding disarmed and subject to the whim of the criminal and tyrannical.  

A supreme court justice for the State of Connecticut recently stated in 2013 that “No one in this country should have guns…I never return guns.” In publicly stating that he actively works to disenfranchise Connecticut gun owners of their constitutionally protected right this Justice not only violated his oath of office, but also appears to have committed a violation of Title 18 Section 242 of the USC. It states rather clearly that anyone using law or authority to deprive one of their constitutional rights is guilty of a felony.

Sadly though the Judge remains on the bench, uncharged and untried for his alleged crimes against the people all the while an ever growing culture of disenfranchisement looms within the halls of the Connecticut legal elite. The litany of crimes against the Republic grows ever longer as referenced in this open letter to the Connecticut Bar by Attorney Rachel M. Baird. Within it she speaks of the heavy bias she has encountered as a gun rights lawyer, how there is a culture of oppression being leveraged against citizens. Not only are gun owners questioned about the reason for and the amount of guns they own but also the state appears to regularly use legal maneuvering to deprive the law abiding of their rights to their property as well as their inalienable right to bear arms.

The State of Connecticut is sadly not alone in their war against the rights of citizens. New gun control legislation has crept onto the legislative dockets of many states in the Union with the recent over dramatization of shooting after shooting. As the press breathlessly reports the horror and the number of dead the state legislatures seem to rub their collective hands gleefully, as they seek to use the blood of their dead to grease the wheels of their corrupt establishments, ensuring that those that will not be cowed by fear can instead be cowed by the truncheon of unjust law. It is a despicable act on its face to use death and terror to disenfranchise people of their rights but this has always been within the methodology of tyrants.

We, the people, need not just loudly decry these insidious actions against the constitution. We must also loudly demand that federal legal bodies and prosecutors actively investigate the Supreme Court of Connecticut as well as the entirety of their government as it appears that they are dedicated to subverting and undermining the rights of the people. No one should be mocked in open court for the application of their rights, and no one should be questioned in how they exercise those rights so long as they harm no one.

The Second Amendment stands as a testament to the guarantee of the sovereignty of the people. It exists not just as an enfranchised right of our constitution but also as an application of natural law. Rights without the ability to defend them are not rights at all, rather they become merely suggestions to the grinning tyrant. As Connecticut seeks to marginalize and criminalize those that seek to legally express their second amendment rights they join a rogues gallery of states like Illinois, and California towards the detriment of the freedom of their citizens.

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