Conspiracy Theorists Are Right Again. News Report Confirming:

By Wall Street Apes

“They have found nanotechnology in Coca-Cola and in Pepsi products”

“Microsoft and the Coca-Cola company have announced a five-year strategic partnership”

“to enable the adoption of leading edge technology and foster innovation and productivity globally.

“As part of the partnership, Coca-Cola has made about $1.1 billion, a commitment to the Microsoft Cloud and its generative AI capabilities. Using Azure OpenAI service, Coca-Cola is currently exploring the use of generative AI powered digital assistance to improve performance, metrics related to customer experiences, streamline operations and improve efficiency.”

“So the collaboration underscores Coca-Cola’s ongoing technology transformation underpinned by the Microsoft cloud as Coca-Cola’s globally preferred and strategic cloud and AI platform.

Now did you know they have found nanotechnology in Coca-Cola and in Pepsi products?”

“Now I’ll put the data study in the comments right here with their little red blankie lights letting you know that that is the official article that I was reading through and where they had found the nanoparticles in Pepsi and Coke.

Now it goes into a whole bunch of things of how it wants to target certain parts of the body and not only that, did you see that image in the news clip where it’s the Coca-Cola but it had an eyeball and like all kinds of other organ looking things for its letters? It’s kind of freaking creepy.

But if you haven’t figured it out, most of the stuff that we drink and that we eat,have nanoparticles or some kind of chemicals or something harmful as they’re trying to move us to an AI world. You need to watch what you consume. We’ve been told this for years and I’m going to say it again.

Watch what you consume. And wake up America.”

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