12 thoughts on “Cops Break Woman’s Arm While checking on her children

  1. That to me is not “law enforcement”, that to me is pure terrorism. Big, fat, useless gestapo thugs assaulting a woman. The kids next door keep on playing basketball, as if seeing your neighbor getting savagely attacked is somehow normal. This is what happens America when you allow an enemy force in occupation to control you and your family like their personal property. What I see today in what was once the United States of America sickens me to the core. If that woman’s fiance tracked the bastards down and broke their arm (preferably their neck), I would find him not guilty and more than justified. These sick pigs get their jollies out of maiming, raping, torturing, and killing people. Jolly Roger put it best, the whole lot of them should be purged from society, preferably by seeing them hang from a hemp rope.

    1. when we start killing these fux it’ll stop, not until then.. every time you get pulled over, it’s an ambush.. they walk up to your window ready to shoot.. if we did that, we’d be locked up for ”terroristic threats” and/or ”interfering with governmental operations”… they must be made to fear.. they do not. they’re all heroes and we’re all terrorists.. if that was really true, they wouldn’t fuk with us because they’d be afraid.. you don’t hear about hell angels and former football players getting their arms broken, it’s always women or frail, elderly, sick, CRIPPLE, men.. they’re fuin pussies and we gotta start fuin ’em up.. fast!!

  2. Typical sob’s. 2 big guys can’t arrest her without breaking her arm? They are fascists. What they call checking on the 2 children is actually to take them back to the ‘abusive’ man. The detective is so concerned that he goes and shoots some hoops. These scumbags are heartless. Of course the judge who signed the ‘warrant’ is of the same ilk. This is sickening on it’s face.

  3. This abuse makes me sick. Yet, not a day goes by anymore than we don’t witness this same abuse somewhere in the former Republic. This country needs vigilantes.

    1. Agreed. The problem is that almost no one, especially someone with children or other dependents, is going to stick his neck out for people he doesn’t know — strangers who aren’t even willing to defend themselves with force — without some degree of confidence that it will make things better, or without knowing that others will come to his aid and give him a chance of continuing on with life other than as a fugitive.

      Take the case of Eric Frein. He sniped two PA pigs, killing one, reportedly because he was angered by the police state. He had hoped that his actions would set off a wider revolution. But without all liberty- and justice-seekers getting on the same page, agreeing to act at the same time, and with the same goals in mind, resistance is likely to maintain its current snail’s pace.

      People feel they have so much to lose that they rarely avenge the police state’s attacks even on their own loved ones, never mind strangers. I strongly disagree with this mentality, but it seems to be prevalent.

  4. Ok…..I didn’t read read the article or comments.
    Disclaimer: I’m fkd up enjoying life before eye die…..njoy.
    Look at the bright side.
    They could have questioned the children first.
    Broken their arms.
    Then questioned their mother.
    Then broke her arm.

    Ya know….

    It’s really starting to feel like Christmas.

    Everywhere I go…

  5. Disgusting business as usual but hey they got the bad guy right…! They are the good guy heroes right..! Fk this shit. You stupid retards in costumes are fkn begging for the people to start taking care of business,,,, and u fkn know it, yet in some magic world u live in u think u will be victorious.. only for a time, yeah

  6. Those cops are a disgrace to the human race. Those girls ran away because their scared of the cops. No wonder cops are hated. Unfortunately the good ones pay for the behavior of the bad ones.

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