Cops Run a Redlight, Blame Me

Published on Mar 8, 2018

Undercover silver police car with three officers, NY Plate HMJ 7410.

Approximately around 12-12:15am on March 9th at the intersection of Morgan and Grand. Brooklyn, New York City

No ticket given.

8 thoughts on “Cops Run a Redlight, Blame Me

  1. I’ve been running a dash cam in my pick-up for a year now
    amazing stupid shit I’ve recorded

    after a bad accident that landed my Daughter in the ER and in intensive care Neurological center having seizures for a week , from some clown that decided to play chicken with a 2001 Tahoe moving at 40 MPH , I bought this dash cam

    it also serves as a reminder to the pigs , were watching you
    they can turn their cameras off and lie about circumstances , but that dont work on my cameras
    I’ve had a few make comments about my camera…love it that it makes them think twice
    also shuts down the stupid insurance idiots that cant seem to give a shit

    I can guarantee that this guy would have gotten a ticket , had the pigs not noticed he had a device that told the truth on board

    1. Having a dash cam of your own is a great thing I use them in all my cars.
      The one thing to be aware of is some states have motor vehicle statues that can actually get you a ticket for obstructed view if there is anything attached to the window or blocking it. Anything can be equated to this like any of the ez pass/sun pass holders/velcro attachments, gps, dash cams even items hanging from the rear view mirror.

      1. As if, in their way of thinking , than the rear view mirror of all cars would also be an obstruction

        these people are so dumb, how would this not be a slam dunk in court?

        I run mine as high on the window as i can in the left corner

        aint shit to see up there but UFO’s, and the second coming of Christ

        that obstruction of view ticket is because they dont like the truth being told on them ..period full stop

        1. I could not agree more in fact recently been dealing with them on other issue the entire system seems to only higher full time idiots.

  2. Makes me want to get a dash cam! Unbelievable, these cops denying they ran a red light.

    At the end the cop says, “Keep your finger in your pocket.” Apparently, they thought the guy flipped him the bird.

    1. I hope he did

      you should Katie
      they aint that expensive , and in this day and age ..good tactic

      it may have even made a cop that thought he was going to give me a ticket , think twice about it ..I aint got proof of that . But I was stopped once and told some line of BS, and than he noticed the camera , and asked what it was for

      i left with no lying citation

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