COVID-19 Vaccines Not Safe for Human Use on Either Side of the Atlantic

America Out Loud – by Dr. Peter McCullough

Two important regulatory developments are converging in the United States and the United Kingdom at the same time for the ill-fated COVID-19 investigational vaccines.

In America, the Centers for Disease Control has logged more grim milestones as of June 4, 2021, with 329,021 certified serious safety reports including 5,888 deaths and 19,597 hospitalizations. While the CDC has stated twice on their website that none of the deaths were caused by the vaccine, without external unbiased safety mechanisms including critical event committee, data safety monitoring board, and human ethics board, interpretation of the CDC causality claim can only be made in the context of semantics.

Since the majority of the deaths occur within a few days of the vaccine administration, if the vaccine did not directly “cause” the death, it was undoubtedly in the causal pathway of these temporally related fatalities. 

Common narratives include vaccine-induced fatal heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and blood disorders. So, one could diagnose such a scenario as follows:  the patient died of myocarditis, and the myocarditis was caused by the vaccine. So the CDC can say the vaccine did not cause the death, but it was obviously in the causal pathway to death.

Another way to argue the case is that if the patient would have declined the vaccine, then he or she would be alive today. Sadly, this is probably the case in 5,888 Americans that have died and confirmed by the CDC, and possibly tens of thousands not reported or still backlogged at the CDC. 

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