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COWARD Austin Cops illegally detain Antonio Buehler

Published on Mar 4, 2013 by PeacefulStreets

On North Lamar near Rundberg the Austin Police Department pulled over a Peaceful Streets Project team that was observing police activity.

The thug cop who forced Antonio Buehler out of the vehicle and detained him against his will was named Brown.

This is the second camera angle of the incident, coming from the passenger in the vehicle (a woman who was pushed around by a cop a week prior in the same part of town,…).

The first camera angle (from Antonio Buehler, driver) can be found at….

March 3rd, 2013

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2 Responses to COWARD Austin Cops illegally detain Antonio Buehler

  1. European American says:

    That Patriot’s got brass balls.

  2. tony says:

    how many cops does it take to eat a donut?

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