Crazy Black Friday Fight Compilation 2013! (Videos)

Before it’s News- by Josey Wales

Year after year we see how just a crazy people really are. Black Friday 2013 Fights, Brawl & madness Compilation!

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What would happen if America experienced a real economic collapse?

10 thoughts on “Crazy Black Friday Fight Compilation 2013! (Videos)

  1. Who is more to blame the stores who do this or the greedy people caught up in the material world?

    1. The MSM which publicizes and promotes this shit is to blame. As I said before, take out recapture the MSM communications and we can start taking back our country.

  2. Yes, watching these videos of people trying to fill some void in their miserable lives with the latest gizmo from Walmart just puts a person right in the Christmas spirit, doesn’t it?

    1. It gets worse, because now there is a whole nother bunch out there feeling guilty because they are way behind on their Christmas shopping.
      But then again, Christmas in the United States belongs to we American nationals and if these international corporate thieves were not robbing us blind, I do believe we could eat, drink, and be quite merry.
      All Christmas gifts should be jealously slanted toward survival and preparation for war. I have to believe that both Jesus and Santa Claus, that is the American Jesus and Santa Claus, would want us to fight for our Republic. Just a thought.

  3. These people are not Rhodes Scholars. They have a small IQ and very
    limited money. Economic conditions may dictate the amount they can
    spend, but the stupidity cannot be fixed. The pursuit of this cheap Chinese
    shit overrules sanity or decency.

  4. When the game is in check position and the rug is pulled out from under this nation, the sacks of crap you see in the videos above is who you will have to pull the trigger on to protect your family. It is when I am reminded of the mindless and useless consumers that I am tempted to reconsider my position on eugenics and mass extermination. Sometimes the globalists, 1%, et al.. have a valid point.

    1. Even stupid people serve a useful function.

      Even if only to remind us to thank God for granting us the intelligence to escape the matrix, so as not to be a party to this madness.

    2. I think you’re missing the point, Brewer. It’s not their fault that they are mindless zombies. Blame the MSM and the elite’s indoctrinated education that’s been implanted into them from birth. They don’t know any better. Think the movie, “Idiocracy”. That’s what we have now. You can’t get fix stupid by getting rid of stupid people. They need to be re-educated and awakened from their little matrix that they have been in all this time. Besides, we need as many of them as we can to be awake in order to fight off this madness that we are living in.

      If you want to take it out on someone, take it out on the elite who are trying to destroy us and who started that dumbing down education to begin with. You can’t fix the problem by getting rid of the symptoms. You have to start at the root of the problem and that is the elitist bastards who are trying to control everyone and make them act like this.

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