4 thoughts on “Creepy movie from the 80s Spills the Beans

  1. I watched this movie last night. It was 1980’s B movie cheesy, but they predicted the WEF, the internet, the implants, social credit scores, turning off access to your bank account, GPS trackers, basically everything that is going on today. I had to keep telling myself they made this movie in 1981.

  2. The word of God predicted just this scenario waaaaaay back in the early part of the A.D. period of history, shortly after the ascension of Christ. The fact that “they” are letting the cat out of the bag in 1981 shows they’re right on track with the devil’s agendas, and that God was right all along. But strangely, nobody wants to believe the bible…. I wonder why? Most people will do just what yon actor stated; they will accept the devil himself as world leader!

    1. I want to enforce the Bill of Rights, then everybody can believe whatever they want as individuals and live however they want as individuals as long as they are not trying to force everyone to live and believe as they do.
      We need to put all our differences aside and enforce our law or we are going to lose our right to agree or disagree on anything. We will just be slaves.

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