Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

'Thus heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well. My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell.'---Karl MarxSent to us by the author.

Real Currencies – by Anthony Migchels

 (Left: Karl Marx knew he was doomed: ‘Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.  My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell.’

This profound sadness is now proliferating in the destruction of the lives of millions of people as ‘progress’.)

Moses Mordecai Marx Levi (‘Karl Marx’) was a ghostwriter for Rothschild.

Marxism is the controlled opposition against Capitalism, creating what would become the classical dialectic Capitalism vs. Marxism, that the elites use to get to World Governance through managed conflict.  

Marxism’s main aim is to transfer the Capitalist Monopoly into State hands, claiming this will end Plutocracy, but ‘overlooking’ that the State is and always has been owned by said Plutocracy. In a dialectic both ‘protagonists’ have hidden attributes in common and Capitalism and Marxism are both Godless, Materialist and Monopolies.

Economically speaking Marx managed to hide that Capitalism is Usury, Banking. He promoted the idea of an amorphous Capitalist class, hiding that Finance (Usury) rules over Commerce, Industry, Land and Labor alike. A small business man obviously has much more in common with the worker than with the banker.

In the West, implementation of Marxism was simply not an option and their strategists decided to first subvert society, before consolidating everything in a Marxist Global State.

For this Marxism morphed into Cultural Marxism, spearheaded by the Frankfurter Schule.

They started subverting everything: modern ‘art’ for instance, total soulless garbage, a far cry from the wonderful, inspired art of the 1800’s and before. This debases our sense of beauty and diminishes our capacity to differentiate the unbecoming from the elevating.

Much worse, they invented Feminism, changing the problem from Plutocracy to Patriarchy and setting up the women against their men. The key goal is to destroy family, isolating individuals and thus making them more vulnerable to top down control. A stunning success, with a 50% divorce rate and fewer people marrying every year.

The Homolobby is part and parcel of it too, as is ‘sexual liberation’, an excellent example of binding people to carnal desire, instead of inspiring them to overcome this.

Feminism/Homolobby/Porn/Sexual ‘Liberation’ are all One and they have another key effect: they murder fertility. Fertility in the West is barely sufficient to maintain current population. This serves their depopulation agenda.

The other side of this coin is Mass Immigration, replacing Whites in their ancestral lands.
Mass Immigration is sold with Multi Culturalism, which is part and parcel of Cultural Marxism.

All these lobbies have their own labels: ‘misogynist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘racist’.

These build on the success of the mother of all labels: ‘antisemite’. They serve to shame and shut up dissenters. To end critical thought and careful listening with the lobby members when faced with coherent argumentation (‘ah, he’s just a misogynist’).

It instills an esprit de corps in the lobby members, based on victimhood and fear of the ‘racists’ etc.

This link to the antisemite label is no coincidence, as all these lobbies worldwide are dominated by Jews. As is Banking.

The key thing to understand here is, that the lobbies all ‘protect’ ‘minorities’, claiming they are ‘oppressed’. But the effect of this is, that the majority is simply being attacked. For instance: Christmas trees in the US are now ‘non inclusive’ because a few Jews and Muslims could ‘take offense’.

This is the lie behind ‘tolerance’: there is only tolerance for the minorities, there is zero tolerance for the vast majority, which is expected to move over and make place.

Thus the Bankers divide and conquer on the road to World Government.

3 thoughts on “Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

  1. Strongly suggest all read these two following online sources:

    – “The Plot Against the Church”, published under the pen name of “Maurice Pinay”. This book was the result of twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, with the collaboration of several Prelates and Cardinals, who while studying the Vatican Archives in their original languages, discovered the largest conspiracy in history, still ongoing. How the Jews have infiltrated all the religions, have faked conversions and become Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, (Maybe even a few of the last few popes from Paul VI to Francis I) Protestant Ministers, Pagan Priests, Islamic Clerics, etc, all to further there mission and dream of a One World Satanic Judeo-Freemasonic Dictatorship. Rome tried to stop the publication of this book but it has already hit the book shelves in Italy in 1962. This book explains the reasons and methods concerning this article and much much more, it explains near all that is happening today and who are behind these machinations. On the contrary, you will find that “both” Capitalism and Marxism were created by the Jews, by their own admission and testimony from Jewish historians, writers, publications, Encyclopedia, Rabbi’s, etc, how within Jewry are different ideologies and strategies in how to accomplish their mission but in different ways. Within Judaism are “gangs” or different schools of thought, although united against all outside, they still war with each other in who is to be the “King” in the end, even to the point of, as one Rabbi wrote years ago, “even if many thousands of Jews must be killed in order to advance our cause, so be it, even if we ourselves must do this”.

    – The Jewish Question in Europe: La Civilta Cattolica, Oct/Nov/Dec, 1880. Which was written with the express permission of Pope Leo XIII.

    – Lastly: Must read “1976 Interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal” former personal aide to then Senator Jacob K. Javits. Mr. Rosenthal was ultimately killed for giving this arrogant interview, admitting to the Jewish control of America.

  2. “Moses Mordecai Marx Levi” should be enough to convince anyone that communism is a Jewish creation.

    (I thought Mordecai was his last name, and “Marx” was an invention, but if you think of the Marx Brothers, I guess it’s Jewish enough even before it was changed)

  3. “Much worse, they invented Feminism, changing the problem from Plutocracy to Patriarchy and setting up the women against their men. The key goal is to destroy family, isolating individuals and thus making them more vulnerable to top down control. A stunning success, with a 50% divorce rate and fewer people marrying every year.”

    Exactly! One of the main goals of communism is to destroy the family unit.

    Television has done a marvelous job in furthering that agenda.

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