Cyprus Bank Bombed – Anger Brewing

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bomb blast has blown out the window of a Bank of Cyprus bank branch. The blast happened not long ago in this country embroiled in what many have called the ‘legalized plunder’ of a population. With understandable anger being vented towards these criminals masquerading as bankers, is THIS why the DHS is stocking up on bullets and gearing up for civil unrest in America soon? Lets ALL hope that the corrupt bankers and politicians aren’t crazy enough to try robbing Americans blind any more than they are doing already by pulling a ‘Cyprus event’ here.  

From, an explosive device placed at Bank of Cyprus, Kato Polemidia, Limassol.

The blast destroyed the window of a branch of the Bank and created a small fire which ‘katasvistike’ (unknown) from the Fire. The area has been blocked by the Cypriot police.

According to reports from a closed circuit monitoring system of the bank, two explosions were recorded. After the first blast, two people with ‘siderolosto’ (unknown) to crush the main entrance, entered into the shop, and then placed in baskets makeshift crack which was taped with flammable material.

5 thoughts on “Cyprus Bank Bombed – Anger Brewing

  1. Seems to be a problem with the American people of today – not like
    the 1776 American. The stock-piling of ammunition by DHS is to
    form a new type military – civilian nation security force. And civilian
    ain’t us in this sense.
    I hope Cyprus does not use this explosion to further delay opening.

  2. Katasvistike means that it was put out. So what it said was probably that it was put out by firemen, not put out by the fire 😉

  3. After seeing the article last night that the banks were raising the theft to 40% on accounts over 100,000 euros, I think I can safely conclude who was behind this bombing.

    NOT an angry depositor, I’m thinkin’.

    1. The Russian oligarch billionaires secretly took out their money by nefarious means leaving everybody else holding the bag. There were all kinds of loopholes, like aviation fuel allowances and business expense allowances. The people of Cypress got sport f#$ked, big time. Article on the way.

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