2 thoughts on “D-I-E must DIE

  1. So, Marxist academia spits out the philosopher of our age. I did not agree with Jordan on everything. He could not land on Jewish Power and its overtake of the world. But on all manner of social perversion and engineering, he was a champion; no pronoun enforcement for him. He also went the distance on exposing the Marxist agenda infesting the universities. He just couldn’t connect it with Jewish initiation. But was it “couldn’t” or “wouldn’t?” I do not know. But I know a great mind was stomped on. And he too, is growing and learning. Maybe this latest step will help him identify the real enemy. He has so much to teach.


    1. ps: Oh yeah, they say he hobnobbed with the upper-crust globalists and attended a Trilateral Commission meeting. Maybe it was mammon that got him. Maybe it was blackmail. For now I’ll file it under WE MAY NEVER KNOW.


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