Death Raining Down From Above As Mysterious Illnesses Take Hold Across America While Alternative Health Doctors Are Seemingly Murdered With Impunity

All News Pipeline – by Stefan Stanford

According to the mainstream outlet Association of Health Care Journalists, incidents of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia continue to rise all across America. Almost unheard of as a ‘leading cause of death’ for older Americans only 35 years ago as seen in the chart below, we see death rates soaring astronomically with glycophate applications on corn and soil – our foods being sprayed with chemicals.

Google search for mystery illnesses during the past month alone brings up more than 220 entries and looking through them we find Hollywood ‘stars’, athletes, animals and ordinary day-to-day people like you and I, suffering from illnesses and diseases that doctors are unable to put a label on.   

We hope that this story will provide an avenue for discussion from our readers about their own experiences with mysterious illnesses and diseases in the hopes that those who may be suffering from one of them may be able to learn from others. To tell you that Susan Duclos and I at ANP have recently been hit by something sickening and ‘mysterious’ would be an understatement.


Back on September 11th, 2014, the website Natural News published a story in which they told us about a long list of scientists who had mysteriously died, going all the way back to at least 2004, and focused in on an ANP story written by Susan Duclos in which she told us about what had then been the latest mysterious death, that of a National Institute of Health virologist who was found dead ‘near’ his wrecked car in Western Maryland.

Since that story came out, we have been closely following the outstanding work of Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News who has been documenting the mysterious deaths of at least 11 holistic medical doctors here in America not to mention the mysterious poisoning of another 29 holistic doctors and practicioners at a health conference in Germany just weeks ago.

There has been much speculation that the reason so many holistic doctors have been dying was due to their knowledge of amysterious immunity-boosting protein known as GcMAF which is said to lessen the effects of autism and other health-related conditions and that if these deaths were indeed ‘assassinations’, these deaths were somehow tied to the vaccination/pharmaceutical industries as shared in the 3rd video below from Professor Doom1.

This story is not to discount that theory and we too believe that it can simply be ‘coincidence’ that so many scientists over the years and alternative health doctors over the last few months have met their mysterious and untimely ends. However, we’re also going to take a look at a different angle to these mysterious deaths – the possibility that so many different scientists and now cutting-edge health practicioners have been murdered due to their ability to interfere with a diabolical plan unfolding that could eventually lead to the deaths of millions of Americans as part of the globalists ‘depopulation agenda’.

Martin John Rogers, a scientist with the National Institute of Health, disappeared on August 21st, 2014. Rogers was an expert in tropical diseases and his disappearance came one month prior to the 1st official diagnosed case of Ebola in the US in Dallas, Texas on September 20th. Rogers was last seen in a disheveled state and appeared panicked while purchasing a motel room far from his office in Maryland where he was supposed to have been going to for a meeting. Did Rogers know something that someone didn’t want the rest of the world to find out? What about the rest of these doctors, it would seem the odds that all of these are just ‘coincidences’ are far greater than them being somehow linked?


(According to the Canterbury Post, chemtrails don’t exist…they’re all a part of our mind(s))

It has been proven that America has consistenly being sprayed with radioactive particles and elements of chemical warfare and declassified records now prove that the CIA and/or US Army has many times experimented upon an unwitting American public going back decades. Who really believes that ‘experiments’ like this upon Americans have since stopped? We all know that our food is being sprayed with chemicals daily with Monsanto long being associated with being the most evil corporation in the world. In fact, in research we have done since we’re led to believe that those earlier ‘experiments’ were only the tip of the iceberg designed as practice runs for the real deal, the extermination of the American people.

Every day, somewhere in America is being sprayed and as we can see in this story of some of the photographs sent to ANP by our readers across the country and others found online, chemtrails are everywhere now…what’s really hidden within them?

We’ve been warned they contain various metals and chemicals such as aluminum and barium and this web page on the website of Dane Wigington’s Geoengineering Watch gives us countless documented examples of our own poisonings. Dane has been a leading voice against this attack upon humanity yet anyone who has been paying attention knows that his latest assessments are dire. You can hear Dane in the 1st video below in a new video with him on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

According to Erin Elizabeth in her latest video, the families of dead holistic doctors are being bothered by Time magazine…and it gets worse from there.

The following photographs were sent to us by ANP reader Lori in Utah and share what she calls beautiful angel clouds and a Y shape cloud she believes stands for ‘Yeshua’ though she admits she could be wrong. We have to agree with her – lovely clouds – a sign from above? While not chemtrails, are these clouds natural?



A September 29th tweet from Suntrance shows us it’s not just the US being devastated.


We see chemtrails everywhere…below from Eastern Europe.



9 thoughts on “Death Raining Down From Above As Mysterious Illnesses Take Hold Across America While Alternative Health Doctors Are Seemingly Murdered With Impunity

    1. Me too Mark…I have severe breathing problems. I keep getting sinus
      and bronchial infections. I bought a colloidal silver generator, and make my own…I use it regularly to break up the infections. I nearly died last winter, and am experiencing difficulty breathing 24/7 now.
      If I didn’t have the colloidal silver, I’d be ashes in a jar.

  1. we should all be wearing gas masks in our daily lifes..until we do something about this, that sticks !

  2. The mystery illness is called. .
    STUPIDITY ! First symptoms are collective apathy ..followed up with parroting the media propaganda. In severe cases it includes being a cointelpro disorder and a paid agent provacateur stool infection.


  3. the talking heads keep going on about climate change and glowbull warming..hell they are creating it!

  4. “We’ve been warned they contain various metals and chemicals such as aluminum and barium…”

    Those tests were done years ago, and there’s no telling what they’re spraying now, or might be spraying tomorrow.

    Right now it looks like they’re trying to balance the social security budget by knocking off the geezers. If things get ugly, they might try to wipe us all out.

    This is obviously an illegal, and treasonous poisoning of the American people, and knowing their depopulation agenda, I worry about them having enough planes to wipe us all out in a day. That would be the ONLY way they could defeat the American people.

  5. “except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved,
    but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened.” – Jesus Christ
    in Matthew 24:22 World depopulation is happening forecast in Revelation
    9:18 “Of these three was the third part of men killed.”
    Awesome prediction.

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