Deliciously-Noisy Neighborhood Fireworks Wars, Chiloquin, Oregon, July 4, 2014. Smells like VICTORY!!!

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Vimeo from Max Guiley

DELICIOUSLY-NOISY NEIGHBORHOOD FIREWORKS WARS, Chiloquin, Oregon, July 4, 2014. Mmmmm, ahhhhh, smells like VICTORY!!! By Max Guiley, VIDEO MAZAMA, P. O. Box 357, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624,

NOBODY does 4th of July like our li’l burg of 700 peeps, Chiloquin, Orygun! I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR to video the fireworks here, ’cause — like my wife, Jackie, says: “Nobody would BELIEVE us, if we didn’t show it to ’em!” Jackie added: “For once, it’s drowning out the noise of the neighbor’s dogs barking!”

Multi-Camera High Definition Video captured with: 1) Sony HDR-CX700V; 2) Sony HDR-CX560V; 3) Panasonic HDC-TM700; 4) Canon HF-M500; 5) Canon HF- M40; 6) Zoom H2n ultra-sensitive 5-microphone external microphone with attached parabolic sound-capturing dish. Edited in Final Cut Pro X on late-2013 i7 iMac with 32 GB RAM and 3 TB hard drive with LaCie 3 TB external drive.

Auto-focus was obviously too slow — on the two Canon cameras, especially — but, perhaps, the more I video fireworks here in Chiloquin, I shall learn all the proper camera settings for each different camera . . . and mostly just use a fixed manual-focus somewhere out there in the dark sky or infinity, instead of relying on auto-focus to work in the mere nano-seconds of the explosions (although, I must admit, auto-focus DID make it look like friendly ORBS, huh?). It’s called Bokeh in photography —

24 thoughts on “Deliciously-Noisy Neighborhood Fireworks Wars, Chiloquin, Oregon, July 4, 2014. Smells like VICTORY!!!

  1. Maybe they should have used those fireworks to take out that MRAP vehicle from the parade.

    You guys had way more fireworks than the Communist controlled cities around Dallas. I think I heard maybe 5 at most. Didn’t even realize we had an Independence day in my town, it was so quiet.

    1. Yeah, there actually were quite a few fireworks considering that kind are illegal in Oregon.
      The people you saw at the parade are the hordes in the outlying area. There are only about 700 people in Chiloquin and probably 4000 California transplants in the outskirts. The long time residents here are, for the most part, some of the most non-sheepelish people you will ever meet.

      1. Good to hear. I used to love big cities, but small cities these days seem so much more peaceful and a lot less regulated. lol

        1. By the way, today is my 12 yr. anniversary here. (yes, I’m still at work, by myself, waiting on UPS to pick up) Started on 7/8/02.


  2. aaaaaaaaaaah I love the smell of powder. The war whoops were pleasant to my ears. Loved this post Henry. Thank you so much for posting it. enjoyed the way the mountains echoed the sound.

    Aroma therapy, and audio therapy, all in one video. AWESOME!!!

  3. I’d be interested to know where he gets his fireworks and what he had to spend. Washington state I would guess.I get mine from Montana

  4. South Boise Idaho, Residential Fireworks (starting to wind down) on a Smartphone camera.
    (Earlier they were shooting off some large enough to set off car alarms btw)

    Sounded like a bunch of artillery & going off & small arms fire earlier.

  5. Can you imagine the confusion (as well as disruption) you could cause by aiming those monster exploding mortars (fireworks type, not ordnance) horizontally at the cops?

    Naturally, I’m talking about an “all in” scenario.

    1. Howdy all! It sure was fun makin’ the fireworks video, and it’s even FUNNER than fun readin’ everybody’s comments here! You would all make good Chiliquinonians, as I DO agree with Henry when he says, “The long time residents here are, for the most part, some of the most non-sheepelish people you will ever meet.” Every day my wife and I are AMAZED at just HOW AWAKE the people are here — especially the indigenous people in the Tribes around here. She is Alaskan Inupiat Eskimo, herself, and KNOWS not to trust the control system . . . of course, surely, after generations of lies from the gub’ment, Native Americans would tend to be A LOT more awake and aware than the average American slave is to what’s REALLY goin’ on!

      1. Hey Max.. your are right about Native Americans being more awake for the most part. I am trying to wake several people up here. Looooong process though. However I aint done yet.
        by the way, your wife has a beautiful voice, and great talent.
        God bless. 🙂

        1. Thank you, Paul, for the kind words about Jackie’s voice — she’ll be thrilled to know she’s got another fan out there! Yes, she’s a Community Health Rep for the Klamath Tribes here, and is constantly — pleasantly — surprised at how absolutely smart, awake, and aware the Tribal people are (and REALLY witty and fun to be with, too!). I, for one, was almost ECSTATIC when the DVD “Genetic Roulette” about GMO food, was publicly shown here over the course of two days during the lunch hour (complete with a buffet of organic food laid out on tables for attendees!) right at the Klamath Tribal Headquarters (here’s a short trailer — That’s just one example of the educational efforts going on here (NOT government-mandated, obviously, nyah, nyah, nyah, LOL). There is ALSO a movement afoot to unite at least 39 other tribes, that are all talking to each around the country, against chemtrails. Yup, most of the people here do NOT have their “head up and locked,” as we say in aviation.

      2. Hey Max, thanks for the video. Glad to hear there are real people up there who are awake. Keep the faith!

      3. Great job, Max!

        Loved Chiloquin, hope to be able to visit again some day.

        “She is Alaskan Inupiat Eskimo, herself, and KNOWS not to trust the control system . . .”

        I was born in Fairbanks. 😉

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