5 thoughts on “Denied Ability to Discuss Orders Of Klaus Schwab..WTF

    1. I don’t know Misty. I thought we already had that. But today I heard a radio voice say, “They’re usin’ Canada as a lead in. They’re actually after the real prize, us, the u.S.”

      In a way, I’m seein’ my nation as a pearl of great price, shining and standing, and ready to do what must be done.

      What a weekend, so far. Has anything every made you more ready to fight?!! And that damn clip above. Muzzles showin’ up everywhere in their chambers. How strange that some still try to reason with the chamber-dwellers; they are beyond reason.


  1. Wow…. You’d think he’d have a gun pointed at his head. He completely went into a panic to try and dodge the question by using the infamous “audio problems” excuse. The speaker looks like a corrupt judge in a movie where he fears the mafia will kill him if he doesn’t change the topic or run away.

    What a F@#king coward. He’s totally paid off or is being blackmailed. That’s why he got all scared and jittery.

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