DHS and the UN have created a worldwide police spying program


The Strong Cities Network (SCN) is a worldwide police spying program run by DHS and the United Nations…

The SCN launched at the end of September at the United Nations!  

“The SCN is described by the Justice Department as a coalition among cities and communities to share information and training guides on stopping extremism; it will include grants for local initiatives and strategies to build resilience against terrorist recruiting.

In other words DHS will be paying cities and communities to identify activists or extremists!

Below are two excerpts from the DOJ:

 “While many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.”

“As residents and experts in their communities, local leaders are often best positioned to pinpoint sources of unrest and discord; best equipped to identify signs of potential danger; and best able to recognize and accommodate community cultures, traditions, sensitivities, and customs.  By creating a series of partnerships that draws on the knowledge and expertise of our local officials, we can create a more effective response to this virulent threat” Attorney General Lynch said.

You read that right, the SCN has been created to stop civil “UNREST AND DISCORD”!

“It is clear that the challenge of building resilience against violent extremism – a challenge that spans vast oceans and borders while impacting our most tightly-knit cities and towns – requires a response that is both wide-ranging and highly focused” Lynch said.

What kind of response do they have in mind? Imprisonment is a likely response, after all it appears the U.S. the world leader in incarcerating people is a major player in this worldwide police program.

A WORLDWIDE spying network should scare EVERYONE!

According to the DOJ:

“The SCN provides a unique new opportunity to apply our collective lessons in preventing violent extremism in support of local communities and authorities around the world”, said CEO Sasha Havlicek of ISD.

Below, the SCN describes how law enforcement (DHS/Police) will be working closely with governments worldwide to identify activists and anyone else they deem a threat!

“Local authorities, including city, municipal and town governments, must work closely with civil society to identify and address the methods used by violent extremists to recruit, radicalize and mobilize targeted individuals.”

America already has a national spying program called “If You See Something Say Something” run by DHS. 

According to a 2014 “Strong Cities, Strong Communities Fellowship” report their partners include theRockefeller Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the US to name a few.

Alarm bells should be going of around the world, why aren’t world leaders concerned about letting the Rockefeller Foundation and Germans promote a worldwide spying program?

The Rockefeller Foundation has a murky past and many believe they helped the Nazi’s financially
the Foundation also has close ties to DHS, click here, here & here to read more.

The German Marshall Fund has close ties to DHS, click herehere, here to read more.

The SCN is run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a London-based company which stands to make lots of money in the form of DHS grants.

The United Nations has close ties to ISD and DHS:

Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler a faculty member at the UN served as Program Director for the ISD. He also helped to develop homeland security measures in America.

Pierre Keller on the ISD’s Board Of Trustees spent a number of years in the Swiss Diplomatic Service where he was assigned to the Swiss Observer’s Office to the United Nations.

Nada Al-Nashif worked on the United Nations Development Program and was a member of ISD’s Advisory Board.

Anushya Devendra interned at United Nations Headquarters and worked at ISD.

Farah Pandith a strategic advisor to the ISD is also a member of The Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Sasha Havlicek  Chief Executive Officer for the ISD works closely with DHS.

Click here, here, here & here to find out more concerning ISD’s close relationship with DHS.

“The Strong Cities Network will connect cities and local authority practitioners through practical workshops, training seminars and sustained city partnerships.”

The SCN will set up DHS funded workshops and training seminars to help identify anyone they consider a suspect!

According to the SCN website cities that come up with innovative ways to spy on everyone will be given CASH, sorry I meant grants:

“SCN cities will be eligible for grants supporting new innovative pilot projects.”

Is the World Parliament working behind the scenes to create a WORLDWIDE police force?

“We [The  World Parliament] do establish an Association of Cities, Towns and Communities for World Federation which shall be open for membership above party and above religions, by all cities, towns and communities which ratify or give provisional ratification to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, and to be open for Associate Individual Membership by the mayors or former mayors, of all such ratifying cities, towns and communities.”

The World Parliament’s Earth Constitution sounds eerily similar to what’s happening right now…

Article 1 – Broad Functions of the World Government

The broad functions of the Federation of Earth shall be:

  1. To prevent war, secure disarmament, and resolve territorial and other disputes which endanger peace and human rights.
  2. To protect universal human rights, including life, liberty, security, democracy, and equal opportunities in life.
  3. To obtain for all people on earth the conditions required for equitable economic and social development and for diminishing social differences.
  4. To regulate world trade, communications, transportation, currency, standards, use of world resources, and other global and international processes.
  5. To protect the environment and the ecological fabric of life from all sources of damage, and to control technological innovations whose effects transcend national boundaries, for the purpose of keeping Earth a safe, healthy and happy home for humanity .
  6. To devise and implement solutions to all problems which are beyond the capacity of national governments, or which are now or may become of global or international concern or consequence.

Sec. C – The World Police

  1. That section of the staff of the Office of World Attorneys General and of the Offices of Regional World Attorneys responsible for the apprehension and arrest of violators of world law and world legislation, shall be designated as World Police.
  2. Each regional staff of the World Police shall be headed by a Regional World Police Captain, who shall be appointed by the Regional World Attorney.
  3. The Office of World Attorneys General shall appoint a World Police Supervisor, to be in charge of those activities which transcend regional boundaries. The World Police Supervisor shall direct the Regional World Police Captains in any actions which require coordinated or joint action transcending regional boundaries, and shall direct any action which requires initiation or direction from the Office of World Attorneys General.
  4. Searches and arrests to be made by World Police shall be made only upon warrants issued by the Office of World Attorneys General or by a Regional World Attorney.
  5. World Police shall be armed only with weapons appropriate for the apprehension of the individuals responsible for violation of world law.
  6. Employment in the capacity of World Police Captain and World Police Supervisor shall be limited to ten years.
  7. The World Police Supervisor and any Regional World Police Captain may be removed from office for cause by decision of the Office of World Attorneys General or by absolute majority vote of the three Houses of the World Parliament in joint session.

According to the World Parliament they’ve been working on creating a worldwide spying police network since 1977, click here to view the signatories.



3 thoughts on “DHS and the UN have created a worldwide police spying program

  1. The only way to fight civil unrest and discord is to enforce the law and hang the people that are creating the chaos. Rope is much cheaper than these programs, reusable and best of all..in the hands of civilians it can target the right people.

  2. “DHS and the UN have created a worldwide police spying program”

    And this is supposed to come as a surprise?

    It’s exactly what those two fictional entities were created to achieve.

    Among other things.

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