DIA Man Was Pulled From Boston Marathon By Military

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In the last 5 minutes of hour four of today’s show Alex Jones said Rob Dew’s brother-in-law ran the Boston marathon. Rob said he works in domestic intelligence for the US Army. AJ said he was in the DIA. He was in position to finish the race at about the time of the bombing. He was pulled from the race by military superiors and sent to a hospital to be treated for dehydration even though he thought he could have finished the race. AJ compared this to Mayor Willie Brown being told by Condoleeza Rice not to fly on 911.  

Please share this far and wide. Share it with talk shows, blogs, forums and people with mailing lists. Share it with people in daily conversations too. If you don’t, they will be coming for your guns and then your bank accounts just like they did to the people of Cyprus.


Here is the audio of the last hour of the show.

Thanks to kim for the tip.

3 thoughts on “DIA Man Was Pulled From Boston Marathon By Military

  1. The Mayor was also at the finish line yesterday and left about ten min’s before the first bomb went off.There’s an old can of sardines smell on this one just like the rest of these false flags.

  2. No doubt that this was (or will be) a false flag, but I think what Alex Jones is doing here is tossing some false “evidence” into the story early so help discredit the “conspiracy theorists” as people who are grasping at straws to question the government’s version of events.

    “In position to finish the race” could mean anything, and it’s also very possible that his superior officers could have been legitimately worried about his hydration.

    If he or his commanders had advance knowledge of the bombings, he probably wouldn’t have been in the race at all, because it would be too suspicious to let him run and pull him out when they could have just reassigned him to do something miles away.

    I wouldn’t assign too much significance to this action unless more relevant details surface.

  3. i agree we need more concrete evidence for such claims but i would like to know the real name of the man pulled out of the race so i can further research your claims one thing i give you though is that thoughs bombs were not designed to kill only to injure which i find highly suspicious and the ball bearings in the bombs are not a good killing material to put in a bomb and are very expensive and is a pointless buy for a “terriorist” to do maximum damage for. i regress my decision until further evidence is presented

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