Do not mess with old ladies

Rogue Polictics – by Stix Blog

This guy is leaving a voicemail for his boss when he witnesses a minor traffic accident. Not fake actually happen. In late February, several stations broadcast interviews with a man named Michael Childs, who said that he was the one who left the voicemail message, that the clip was genuine, and that the accident described took place about six years ago in Athens, Texas, while he was working as a construction manager for Jack in the Box.

Reminds me of this:

5 thoughts on “Do not mess with old ladies

  1. I think this is faked. Who (other than the FBI CIA NSA) records personal phone calls. This audio reminds me of the ‘bag-of-laughs’ novelty toy. It was really was funny to listen to though.

    1. If you had read the paragraph below the video, it states that it was a voicemail.

      Do know of any type of voicemails that AREN’T recorded?

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