9 thoughts on “Donald Trump – Don’t Mess With Russia – They Have Better Air

    1. But we have a trillion invested in a piece of crap that doesn’t fly. That must count for something.

      Our military equipment is intentionally sub-par, unmaintained, and some of it depends on computer chips easily hacked by the Chinese who made them.

      We’re screwed, and it’s no accident. We have to lose WW3 and be invaded to be disarmed and defeated, and if that doesn’t happen, there’s no Jew World Order.

      1. Do you know how hard it was for me to post this? Wasn’t easy to admit, were fkd. This thing scares the bejesus out of me just looking at it. This animal can stop on a dime mid flight, while the poor slob behind him flys right by, with his head stuck up his ass.

        This thing is crazy ridiculous, our F-35 is like a covered wagon compared to this thing. Plus, it’s like you said Jolly, ours is a bucket of bolts, with a couple of bolts missing.

        1. All by design, Mark. The military contractors still make their money for producing inferior products, but they’re billionaires who’d like to see us all enslaved, too.

          The only people with any loyalty to this country and the Bill of Rights are poor American nationals. We’re not necessarily fkd, but we’re going to have a fight on our hands, and it won’t be pretty.

          I’m sure this country can produce a better plane, but there’s no motive to do so.

  1. Hey, the US just launched over 100 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles into Syria and 72 of them failed to hit anything but sand.

    You figure that one out !!!

    Is that a FAKE Psy-Ops or ‘Made in America’ quality?

  2. That looks like our F-22, and why wouldn’t they have jamming technology, we’re set to lose in the big game…

  3. Remember last year when the Airforce pilots were being called back from ( the shortage was so bad ) out of retirement? Loose lips sink ships.

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