Donald Trump on a Roll – 64% of Americans Want to Build a Fence on Mexican Border

Eagle Rising – by Onan Coca

In his wildest dreams Donald Trump could not have imagined his campaign going this well. There is just no way. As I write this, Trump continues to dominate the GOP field and is also beginning to overtake his Democrat rivals in the most recent polling. (Leading Clinton by 5 in Iowa and trailing her by just 1 in New Hampshire.)

While I’ve never been on the Trump bandwagon (though I have appreciated some of what he has said), I am beginning to grow very excited about the possibility that he is changing the national conversation on certain issues — illegal immigration being the most prominent of these issues.  

Just last week we brought you the news that 59% of Americans agreed with Trump on deporting all illegal aliens; this week we have even more surprising news.

The latest poll out from YouGov finds that 64% of Americans support building a fence along our border with Mexico! 64%!

Those are landslide numbers, folks. That is a vast majority of the population. In fact only about 27% of Americans believe that we should NOT build the fence.

The idea of a border fence is more popular than unpopular with every single subgroup in the polling.

More Democrats support the idea than oppose, more women support than oppose, more African-Americans support than oppose, and here’s the clincher… even among Hispanics – more support the building of a border fence than oppose. 49% of Hispanics want to see the USA build a fence along the border with Mexico and only 38% of Hispanics are opposed to the fence.

This is what we call a “winning issue” in political parlance, and it may very well be all because of Donald Trump.

Wow. Those are words I never imagined myself saying.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump on a Roll – 64% of Americans Want to Build a Fence on Mexican Border

  1. It won’t be used to keep wetbacks out. It will be used to keep us in so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they began such a project.

    Idiots. Too little too late and that’s EXACTLY why they’re proposing such an answer to a problem the zionists have intentionally created. The sheeple will embrace the security that keeps them in the same pen as the wolves.and pay for it too. They’ll even thank their masters.

      1. Haha! Yes, #1.I am. Both ways make my butt hurt and do NOTHING for Americans except make us circle the bowl faster. I finally got your inference:-) The slow boil is frustrating. Rather get it on asap! A little slow today after the weekend I guess?

        1. To be honest, Martist, I’ve been expecting more sh#t to be happening this month than we’ve seen so far.

          Still three weeks left, however.

          Last blood moon coming.

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