Don’t be a bagholder; take profits as you get them

Know Your Enemy – by Chris

This is just a reminder for those who have gotten caught up in the WallStreetBets hype about GME or silver, and hope that Wall Street is doomed; Wall Street always wins.

For instance, If I were a hedge fund, I would be shilling my positions on all the message boards. I would pay people to shill for me, and eventually I would crack even the wallstreetbets Reddit forum. The profit motive and potential is too great not to do so.

Eventually, this will be the outcome, and this latest meetup forum will dissipate after an increasing number of followers begin to lose money and become bagholders.

Let me ask the obvious; who runs these forums? Do you know these people? If the establishment is exerting this much energy on both sides of the table, is there something else going on here? If the globalists made the former Patriot movement disciples look like a bunch of losing sad-sacks, they can make any group look foolish. Wall Street will eventually crack this and all other forums.

Maybe the globalists are going to use this latest story to outlaw or restrict shorting, so they can get the stock market up even higher. I have many observations so far, but no answers.

I observe the activity on Stocktwits, which is the most actively used stock message board on the web, and marvel at how stocks are manipulated through this service. When I perform a Google search for any stock ticker, StockTwits always shows up on the first page of results. Perhaps, this is for a reason. I actively scan the Stocktwit forums to come up with active trades for the day. It is guaranteed money in the bank, because I run the trades that go counter to the typical bag holder.

Indeed, by definition, the small investor is the bagholder. They may make a lot of money on the way up, but they never know when to pull the trigger and sell. They are the ones who foolishly increase their exposure as prices run up and sell after prices fall. The successful trader ALWAYS takes money off the table as prices climb.

The small traders thought the laws of gravity were repealed when they were left holding the cryptobag in early 2018. They were also holding in early 2020 as the manufactured covid scam developed, and they will be the ones holding the bag when these latest pumps lose their fury. If Zerohedge is mocking Wall Street and the establishment over GME, I say it’s a safe bet to run. If you have made some sizeable profits here, congratulations! Take some off the table and transfer it into your checking account. I do this on a methodical basis, and have already done so several times in the past month.

The difference between me and the others who trade these stocks is simple; I have been trading for over 30 years and know when to pull the trigger and cash out. I would rather sell too soon than be left holding the bag.

Know Your Enemy

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