Don’t Trust China

Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in Washington D.C. Tuesday.  He has apparently come to negotiate the United States’ surrender to the Chinese economy.  Hu Jintao was met with all the pomp and circumstance only afforded to royalty.  It was reported that all the regalia was designed to show the Chinese people China’s strength in America.

Newscast after newscast depicted the strength of China’s armed forces which have seen a 464% rise in funding.  Experts are saying China is gearing its military to fight and win a war against the United States.

Every day on our televisions the Chinese in America and China are being depicted as superior to Americans and we are being told as to how we should emulate them.  My fellow citizens we are witnessing treason at the highest levels in our government.  The Chinese had nothing and would have nothing if not for the export of our technology and industrial base to their country.

Towards the end of the Korean War U.S. Army General MacArthur had basically defeated the North Koreans and was preparing to invade China and defeat it, thus assuring that it could never be a threat to the United States.  When President Eisenhower found out about the plan he recalled General MacArthur and fired him.  We lost 54,246 soldiers in Korea and then another 90,209 soldiers in Viet Nam.  In both instances our troops found themselves engaged with Chinese regulars and now we are seeing the Chinese literally buy up our country one chunk at a time.

It is like this, the Chinese are fundamentally, at their core, different than Americans.  They see, think, and believe differently than we do.  Any assertion that the Chinese can be assimilated into American culture is preposterous.

Recently, with Michelle Obama’s new school lunch program the breaded chicken was replaced with breaded fish.  Everyone knows that fish should only be taken in small quantities as it contains mercury, so why the switch to fish under the guise of healthier food?  It has nothing to do with health.

The fact is the Chinese, every day are changing our culture at its root to suit their lifestyles.  The one world corporate oligarchs want in America what they have in China and that is Chinese slave labor.  And through international trade and currency manipulation they are on the verge of getting it.  When the time comes for the full invasion they will simply retire to their chateaus in Switzerland while the Chinese destroy us.

This is another reason the powers that be are at present working to disarm us, as they know if they can accomplish this task the Chinese takeover will be a shoe in.  We as a people had better wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

I have said it once, I’ll say it again, God damn the sneaky Chinese and the traitors among us who are in bed with them.

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  1. You’re right, Rick. The govt. and media make China out to be our big buddies. Ha ! Right. And pigs fly outta Hilary Clinton’s ass.

  2. i have said this same shit for 30 years no one listened then and they wont listen now. people love chinese food do you ever see any american working in there resturants no but everyone still spends there $ the chinese are very patience but the time is coming

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