99ers Get Mean before it’s too Late

The mainstream propagandists are pushing the idea that in the last month the American people have completely turned around in reference to their opinion of President Obama.  It is being said that a recent poll showed his approval rating going up by 5% in the last month.  This is another pack of lies.  The poll that showed Obama’s approval rating rise was a poll of corporations, and to say that corporations represent the American people is about as ludicrous as it gets.  They are accrediting Obama’s rise in the polls to his leadership in getting the lame duck Congress to give billions more to the rich and as they are polling corporations this makes perfectly good sense.

However they are further asserting that the American people have fallen back in love with President Obama in reaction to a couple of speeches he made in reference to the funerals of the Tucson shooting victims.  No one out there believes this crap.  So why are they doing it?

Well if they went on reporting the growing discontent with President Obama due to further job losses, rising food prices, and a housing market that will put tens of thousands more Americans out of their homes this year, when the 2012 elections roll around and he is reelected for a second term in spite of hell, the American people would be shouting “fraud” at the top of their lungs and there could be no argument.

If they continue to perpetuate the lie that, though things are bad, Obama is going to, going to, going to lead us out of it.  Then when he is reelected any cries of foul can be met with, “We told you this was how it was going to be, we showed you the polls.”  After which any assertions to the contrary will be labeled as the rantings of mentally ill people.

Barack Insane Obama AKA Barry Soetoro is still the same sleazy two-bit South Chicago con man today that he was a month ago.  The only thing that has changed is that our country’s situation is getting worse day by day.  We are losing approximately 200,000 jobs per week and approximately 100,000 long term unemployed are joining the ranks of the 99ers every week.  Food prices are rocketing up amid increasing concerns of worldwide food shortages.  The price of gas is expected to go above $4.00 per gallon this summer.  The number of bank failures is expected to double.  And home foreclosures are also expected to double this year.

The fact is we are on a hot track to hell.  Yesterday the Chinese repo man showed up to look over his new property which is our country.  And all the while the only things our politicians can seem to tell us are that we need to be civil and talk nice about our issues.  I tell you this has gone way past talking and if we don’t get goddamn mean and start kicking some ass around this country and indeed around the world if necessary, the Republic of the United States is finished.




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  1. I agree with you 100%. I get so sick of hearing how the approval ratings are going up for Obama, how things are getting better, and the manipulation of numbers, concerning the unemployed and 99ers, to trick the American people into believing we have a future. I have actually had random conversations with people who believe this shit. If I have to hear “that’s not what I heard” one more time I am going to throw up. I have started trying to stock some food so when the food prices blow up I will not have to pay double. It has already started. I went to Kroger yesterday to get some diet cokes (Kroger brand), they are always $1.99 or 2.05. Yesterday the price was $2.59. That is a big increase and it is going to happen on everything. Well I am going to get busy trying to direct people to this website so they can join us. If they would even take the time to read these articles and get the chance to hear the truth, I don’t think we would be having such a hard time. My prayers are with you all.

  2. Henry, Eli mentioned being tagged. When the user posts a reply, they get back ” Error ” and some crap about spam. Just curious, because it’s happened to me a number of times too. Not that it’s gonna shut me up, but I’m wondering if the Gestapo is flexing it’s oppressive muscle.

    1. Sam,
      A lot of the problem with getting error messages arises when you put our link in your comment. The spam filters have to be on or the robotic spam will fill a page in a minute. I don’t think the other sites are deliberately trashing our comments but it is bullshit that we have to have the filters on or have the site overwhelmed with spam.
      Google can take the time to make sure we stay out of the search engines but seem to support the use of computer generated spam.

      1. That was the reason I was spelling out the site and not adding the www. I figured everyone would know to do that. They have been stripping out website addresses for a long time.

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