Dora the Explorer is Taking Your Children’s Jobs

I had an interesting experience recently.  My grandson was visiting, and being a six year old he likes cartoons.  He tells me he wants to watch Dora the Explorer.  I had seen little flashes here and there and had an idea of who Dora was, but had never actually watched an episode of Dora the Explorer.  I asked my grandson who Dora the Explorer is.  He said she is a nice little girl that saves animals.  So I thought, what the hey, I’ll watch Dora the Explorer with my grandson.

Do you guys want to know who Dora the Explorer really is?  She is a little Mexican girl who teaches little Mexican children how to read maps that show how to cross deserts, navigate jungles, scale mountains, and of course, ford rivers.  No, no, you haven’t heard the best part yet.

Simultaneously Dora is teaching my little American grandson how to speak Spanish.  You might say, well what is wrong with that?  Well, learning a second language is no small matter.  So they are going to train the Mexican children to grow up and come to  my grandchild’s country to take his job and he’s going to have to learn how to speak their language so that he can work side by side with them as a third world peasant.

I told my grandson, no, you don’t let the Mexican children come to your country and make you learn their language so you can communicate with them, because if you do, you are doing their work for them.  Let them work to learn the English language if they want to talk to you.

This is when my grandson told me he knew how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish and that he had learned it from another commie cartoon.  I think it’s called Go Diego Go, (which isn’t a bad idea).  Now there are a couple of things wrong with this one as apparently you can teach little children to say Merry Christmas in the United States, you just can’t do it in English.

And we wonder why this country is so messed up.  Now are you ready to hear the really funny part?  It so happens my sister, who is not a real big fan of this illegal alien invasion, months back tacked a picture on my door which is an enlarged mug shot of Dora the Explorer being booked for illegal border crossing and resisting arrest.

So I say to my grandson, “Did you hear that Dora the Explorer got busted for illegally crossing our border?”  Of course then I had to get out a map and show him what a border was.  When he realized exactly what I was saying, he smiled at me and said, “No she didn’t”  I then took him over to the picture, which he’d never seen because it’s two feet over his head, and showed him Dora’s mug shot and explained what a mug shot was.  To which he replied, “Wow.”

Now this is kind of funny but then again it is kind of not funny too.  Everybody out there had better be advised they are going to work on your children in trying to indoctrinate them into speaking Spanish when they haven’t learned proper English yet.  This is so after our generation dies out it will seem perfectly normal that all American children speak both Spanish and English.  This is necessary for the communication between the workers.  This is social communism and we allow it to continue to our own detriment.

Don’t get me wrong, I am going to watch all the cartoons with my grandson now and he is going to understand exactly how dangerous they are.

People they are coming at us from every angle.  We have got to get this country back on track and we have got to do it by being assertive.  If you see your children or grandchildren viewing this blatant brainwashing, step up, break the trance, and explain to them exactly what it is.  And keep explaining these things to them at each stage of their development because these propaganda programs exist for every age level and into adulthood.

We are going to have to save one another on this one.  I don’t know about you but my grandson is going to grow up to be a patriot with a healthy fear and mistrust of his government.  The rest of us had better get to work and take our Republic back and put it back under the laws of our Constitution, which is to say that just like they try to tell us Ron Paul can’t be elected, they try to tell us that we cannot deport every illegal alien.  I say yes we can.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “Dora the Explorer is Taking Your Children’s Jobs

    1. Yeah, Wow….

      And Barry Soetoro just made it easier for this garbage to stay in America and rape our wealth. 20 or so million illegals given the soft touch.

      1. I just googled this. Didn’t even know about it and this has been on cable since 2006. Thanks to Henry for putting some focus on this.

        I am dumbstruck. Henry, you are absolutely right about what is being done here. My youngest is 35 and I remember that they grew up on stuff I wasn’t even aware of being too busy trying to keep them fed and sheltered. Then I began to notice the horror shows and stuff like “Gremlins” when I couldn’t understand their strange behavior.

        The problem is that too many parents just don’t know what the kids are being exposed to both on TV and in school. I grew up on Spin and Marty….boy was I nieve! What a mess.

  1. This is a classic tactic used by the government and other scumbags all over the globe: desensitization. This kind of brainwashing has been in use for decades. I’ll share with you a personal experience. When I worked as a security officer and was assigned to work at a Philips warehouse, most of the workers spoke Spanish (which is no surpise). One day while I was scanning employees out of the warehouse with a metal detector, one of the workers said to me “You need to learn Spanish!” to which I replied “No buddy, this is America, we are an English speaking nation.” I’ve been seeing some want ads that have knowing Spanish as a requirement. When did this land become the United States of Spain or Mexico?!? When I see road signs or packaging in stores with Spanish on them it angers me to no end! To be perfectly honest, people who come to this country to try and change it into their country of origin should be lined up and shot in the head! This is America! I agree with you Henry, we CAN and WILL deport all these illegal leeches! That alone would make a huge difference in this nation.

  2. This land was forged from many nationalities, speaking many different languages. Yes, I belive english should be mandatory. I don’t need to be addressed in spanish any where in this country. If you can’t speak english you don’t belong here! But in this world of globalization, unfortunately speaking many languages is a plus and allows are childern to complete on a global scale. Untill we get our country back thats the way it is. My children are learning the chinese language. And we don’t watch T.V in this house it’s all B.S.

    God save us all! God bless the Republic! Ron Paul 2012!

  3. I thought you might like to see what one person wrote to me in regards to this article and my response to them.

    “I find the usage of “commie” more offensive than the entire rest of the article. Thats the lame argument used by McCarthy and the ripples from his asinine red hate that were passed through todays baby boomers to their children is part of the problem as it continues to solidify this idealism that US-America is the greatest country in the world and any solidarity with other countries is commie talk and all the rest of the world should have to kiss its boots.

    Now thanks to American government allowing the corporations to rape and pillage its own soil like it has other countries and not having to hold them self responsible for their theft of the livelyhood of others and calling that falacy of logic progress rather than put blame where it should be, its put onto an innocent childrens show that tries not to undermine the US workforce, but help create unity between the hispanic and white communities.”

    My reply:

    “You are missing the point. This country has been destroyed by special interests, many of which are foreign countries seeking to take over America. The United States is where it is now because the country has allowed special interests and foreigners to come into and control the nation. The fact that an Indonesian Muslim is parading around as the President should give everyone a clue about what has been going on in this country for a long time now. Only a fool believes that the citizens of this country support these illegal wars where America is trying to play the role of world police. With all due respect, if you want to live in a third world country, then by all means, pack your bags and go live there, but I am tired of watching the destruction of my country at the hands of foreigners and those they have managed to place in power here.”

    1. Other countries call Americans every name in the book. Commie is soft to what Americans have been called.

      1. Maybe if our government gave a damn about the country and stayed the hell out of everybody else’s business it would help.

  4. This is so true. I am not a mother yet (I’m only 19) and I have already decided that shows like this are off limits in my home. It’s so hard for me to start my life out because I barely make anything at my job (I really shouldnt complain, I’m lucky to even have a job). But, I am looking for a better job. ButMexicans (ones that dont even speak English) have been coming into my town. The places with decent pay are hiring the Mexicans and telling me to beat it. It is frustrating. I am sick of having to leech off of my parents. But I only get paid enough to eat. I cant pay bills on what I am making. It’s bulls**t. I want illegals out. I want them out of my town. I want them out of OUR country. If they want to be citizens, DO IT RIGHT! LEARN ENGLISH, EARN YOUR CITIZENSHIP, AND PAY FOR YOURSELVES! One thing that makes me so angry is that they go to our hospitals and they can get away with not paying because they are illegal. So, they what happens? The prices go up and we, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, have to pay tons extra for shit because the hospitals have to make up for free medical for illegals.

    Okay. I’m done ranting.

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