0 thoughts on “Secretary Clinton: 'It's Time for Assad to Get out of the Way'

  1. Defence budget this time around is $698 billion. I guess they just can’t help themselves. Another useless war instigation to keep their corporate mafia defence contractors happy.. Idiots.

    1. Mark,
      I think the problem is they continue helping themselves. Think of the tears they will cry when Ron Paul ends their Middle Eastern Money Wars.
      What am I saying, they’ll start a world war that we can’t get out of before they will let that happen.

  2. Instead of sticking our unwanted noses in Syria, we should be asking the illegal Muslim Barry Soetoro to “step aside” (more like impeach and put in prison). So many nations must laugh hysterically when we tell them that their countries would do so much better with a government like ours (the corrupt, non-Constitutional one that’s been in power for way too long now), and that if they don’t do so, there will be “consequences”.

  3. Ah yes.. the Queen of Black death.. I guess William just wanted regular old sex, not whips and chains and punishment! In all truthfullness.. Bill totally deserves her. Sicko lying B*tch!

  4. Sorry if my comments offend anyone, but I think that there is enough good evidence available to be found for one to realize that, Hillary is a Bilderberg (power hungry) liar and cannot be trusted! She should never be allowed in office again, period!!

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