Draconian Obamacare Must be Rejected Outright

It is the third anniversary of Obamacare, and as promised by Nancy Pelosi, we are finding out what is in it…the hard way.  We have seen the largest tax increase upon the middle class and working poor since the communist Roosevelt’s New Deal.  Health care costs are sky rocketing as coverage is disintegrating before our very eyes.

It has been shown that Obamacare is unconstitutional, ironically through a Supreme Court ruling affirming it as constitutional in that the penalty for refusing to do business with the insurance companies has been declared a tax, and all tax legislation having to be initiated in the Congress, Obamacare is invalid as it was initiated in the Senate. 

Seems pretty cut and dry, nonetheless, the Supreme Court violated the Constitution in one area under the guise of enforcing it in another…a total sham.

We are now seeing what we in the know have always expected and that is the Obamacare legislation, written by the insurance industry, is making that industry just like the Federal Reserve, private corporations with their own government enforcement arms provided by the taxpayer via the IRS.

In short, the most diabolical industry next to banking, the insurance companies, can now confiscate our private property, and force us to by a product from them of which they can deconstruct at will to make it absolutely useless to the American national being forced to buy it.

The only ones benefiting in any way from this legislation are the illegal insurgents coming across our southern border.  As we are all now to be considered equal wards of the government, we can expect to see the illegals receiving better health care than the American nationals, as they represent contented slave laborers who serve a purpose, which is the displacement and dispossession of American nationals.

Once again, we are paying at gunpoint to finance our own demise.  We should reject the socialist Obamacare and the violations of our rights it represents with the same vigor that we are rejecting gun confiscation and legalization of the southern insurgent forces. It is time to stand in absolute defiance to all acts of tyranny through infringement, both past and present.

2 thoughts on “Draconian Obamacare Must be Rejected Outright

  1. Keep in mind that this Obamacare debacle is crashing down on us because of ONE MAN’S LACK OF COURAGE: Chief Justice Roberts. The decision had already been written with Obamacare being declared unconstitutional when the screws were put to Roberts threatening to expose his illegal adoption of Irish children. The children were smuggled out of Ireland, circumventing Irish law that all adoptions must take place through a state agency. They were taken to a South American country with easier adoption laws, then up to the US. Rather than face the exposure of his illegal behavior, Roberts chose to sell out the entire nation to this corrupt insurance industry scam.

    Roberts’ flip-flop happened so fast that the majority decision declaring it unconstitutional had to be re-written into a dissenting opinion AFTER the decision had been leaked to the public, leaving a lot of red-faced media outlets.

    For all of the millions of Americans who have stood firm for this country through bullets and bombs, remember that our Supreme Court Chief Justice wasn’t brave enough to face up to a relatively minor personal scandal.

  2. I think it’s already been rejected outright, at least by the American people, but they’re going to have to show their disdain for this law by refusing to pay for it.

    All you have to do is tell your boss that you don’t want him taking any taxes out of your check anymore. Tell him you want the entire paycheck, and that you’ll pay your taxes by yourself, rather than having them automatically deducted, or you can write “exempt” on your W4 form if you’re getting a new job.

    Then of course, don’t give ’em a dime.

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