Drone Crashes In Manhattan

Before It’s News – by Alton Parish

WABC reports “A small helicopter drone flying high above buildings on the East side of Manhattan crash landed just feet away from a businessman during the Monday evening rush hour.”  

“Video he recovered from a memory card in the crash debris shows the drone twenty to thirty stories above the busy streets and crowded sidewalks near Grand Central Station.

The businessman reached out to Eyewitness News saying he thinks the 3-pound drone could have seriously injured him had he taken a direct hit.

He called police who took a look at the drone video, but did no further investigation because they said no law was broken.



2 thoughts on “Drone Crashes In Manhattan

  1. Drones in public spaces should be considered fair game for immediate destruction. Don’t call the cops. Throw a jacket over it and remove the battery. Salvage what hardware you want and destroy the rest. Drones are weapons of cowards and tyrants. Make their spy operations as costly as possible.

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