6 thoughts on “Duty

  1. This coming from someone on the RIGHT side of that war.

    A word that isn’t infinitely malleable. Not to us, anyway.

  2. lol
    I remember when my Daughter was 5 years old and noticed the truck I was behind said “Super Duty” on the tailgate ( sorry were big Chevy lovers , dont hold it against her she was 5)

    she made the remark that it must be a big pile of “duty”… kids..hahaha

  3. If one decides they have a “duty” they must decide it with the utmost care for duty can be twisted and corrupted.

    The only duty I would ever agree to is uphold the first ten of the bill of rights and nothing else, without that, nothing else matters.

    1. Yes, that’s basically what came to my mind when I read the quote.

      Just think of all the people who serve the evil, corrupt US oligarchy because they feel a “sense of duty to our country.” There’s a kind of quasi-religious brainwashing at work in those people. No, Rambo, your COUNTRY didn’t send you to war; corrupt politicians and military brass did. You had NO duty to serve or obey them, and you should have never signed up to do so in the first place.

      I believe my only real duties are to care for my family and to stand up for what I believe in, including the Bill of Rights. I also feel obligated to help those in serious need when I can realistically do so, though I’m not sure this is truly a “duty.”

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