Epitaph for Eric Holder: “Guilty!”

Intellihub – by Brett Redmayne-Titley

US Department of Justice boss, Eric Holder, did indeed resign more than six months ago. In a continuing example of his disregard for the tenants of his job, Attorney General Holder carries on, serving the interests of the corporately wealthy. Half-a-year on there is no discussion of his replacement.

Of course. A man of Holder’s resume is hard to get rid of.  

Just a day prior to his resignation as USAG, on Monday, Sept 15, 2014, DoJ leader, Eric Holder, announced a new set of US programs designed to increase America’s internal ability to spy and report on its own citizens.

Not content to merely spy on US phones, internet services, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, medical records, library records and all facial recognition without a warrant, United States Attorney General (USAG) Holder announced the combination of his Justice Dept. with the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Counter Terrorism Center. Their collective mission: to train selected Americans in every city and town to spy and report on any persons who are deemed to be potentially subversive, i.e., a terrorist. During Mr. Holder’s term the wide brush of “Terrorism” has grown broader than at any time in US history.

Six years hence, we are all terrorists.

1-The Charges.

Unfortunately, he must actually leave office before history can pronounce final judgment on Attorney General, Eric Holder. The full breadth of his six-year tenure of aiding and abetting national American endemic criminal corruption, once the dust of short-term memory finally settles, will show clearly the obvious: Mr. Holder is guilty. Guilty of the highest crime of all: the degradation of what little remained of America’s already declining morality and conscience.

American justice died long before.

On the heels of creating his new East German style, Stasi-esque domestic spy network, Mr. Holder, damage done, announced his resignation. The punch-line to this political joke was the satirical announcement the next day of his accepting a $77 million dollar per annum payback/job as Chief Compliance Officer for uber-banking criminals, JP Morgan Chase. Considering…this may yet come true.Who better to hire than an accomplice, like Holder, with a proven, long-term track record of subordinating selected criminal behavior?

Viewing Holder’s rap-sheet; a wise choice indeed.

The main stream press still dutifully sing his praises while ignoring the consummation of his multiple bastardizations of actual justice. Hidden from view, the history of Eric Holder, USAG, shows him to be the typical self-promoting puppet who had an epiphany along his career path, that selling his morals, and his office, to the highest bidder was the true American path to political success. Gospel indeed. Certainly, the other puppet in the White House, and the one on the Supreme Court bench, were model examples of the successful gains of devout personal hypocrisy.

2-The Crimes.

Holder started on a personal drive up the road to financial success as soon as he graduated from Columbia Law School in 1976, going straight to work for the Dept. of Justice. In 1988 President Reagan appointed him as a Superior Court judge for the District of Columbia, where he served for five years.

Holder soon had his chance to “buy-in” to better judicial appointments, i.e., connections, thanks to his rubbing elbows with one of the most greasy and morally bankrupt US presidents in generations. In a White House where everything was for sale, from overnight stays and ambassadorships to presidential pardons, then President, William Jefferson, “Slick Willie,” Clinton appointed, in 1993, Eric Holder as US Attorney for Washington DC, the plum of the ninety-three US district positions. Reportedly his office was also for sale. Next, in 1997, Clinton appointed him Deputy Attorney General where he served until 2001.

Here, Holder learned quickly the value of administrative corruption culminating in the pardon of Marc Rich, fugitive criminal billionaire oil broker who had flaunted US v. Iran sanctions and an oil embargo. Deflecting criticism of his pardon, Clinton credited Holder for his council in convincing him to pardon Rich. Sucking up to power would remain Holder’s M.O. for years to come.

During the Bush administration, Eric Holder worked at a DC law firm whose main clients included Merck Pharmaceuticals and UBS bank. He was an early backer of candidate Barack Obama in 2008 and a major, and apparently successful, fundraising bundler for the future President. When President Obama took office, he appointed Holder US Attorney General.

For a price? The mortita: campaign contributions.

In his book ‘Extortion’, author Peter Schweizer details how President Obama leveraged to Holder his position as AG and the positions of Associate Attorney General to the other people who would head his Justice Dept, Thomas Perrelli, Karol Mason, and Tony West. Schweizer writes, ‘For the first time, at least half a dozen senior positions were occupied by individuals who had been campaign bundlers (fund-raisers) for a presidential candidate.” Holder was one such bundler.

The six-year chronology of Holder, as chief steward of the flame of justice, shows him to be more criminal than cop. His crimes fall into several categories, but follow a common, pervasive theme: allowing the wealthy the privilege to go completely unpunished for alleged and admitted criminal behavior.

Similar to the “indulgences” sold in the past by Kings and Popes, Holder offered a modern “get-out-of-jail-free” card, seemingly upon request. Like the Mark Rich pardon, HSBC bank was given a pass from their admitted involvement in the largest gun running and drug money laundering scheme in US history. Similarly, not a single member of the fraudulent financial industry guilty of causing the 2007-08 global collapse has ever been prosecuted. For good reason: The national banking criminals bought off Holder’s Justice Dept. for pennies on the dollar; the mere cost of doing business in the USA. Bank of America and Wells Fargo used the fraud of ” Robo-Signing” machines to have Marshalls across America evict hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and illegally stealing their property. Holder’s response: Force a settlement on the nation’s home owners of a paltry $2,000 for each stolen home. Then he indemnified the same criminal banks from any further legal action by the defrauded home owners.


When former New Jersey US senator, Jon Corzine, ripped-off his company’s, MF Global, account holders for $1.6 Billion, salvation for his crime was only a phone call away.

Law firm for MF Global, Covington & Burlington, who Holder had worked for, evidently used its influence with its former sibling since Holder assigned as prosecutor, Tony West, who had worked for Morrison & Foerester, the firm that was handling MF Global’s assets at the same time. So, of course, Corzine and the $1.6 Billion were never indicted.

That kind of loyalty can indeed get anyone a $77 million dollar-a-year pay-day.

With his Sept. 15 announcement of his further evisceration of US constitutional protections, via its new spy network, Holder showcased the depth of the problem. “We must never lose sight of what violent extremists fear the most…” said Holder with a somber face. “Our unwavering respect for equality, civil rights, and civil liberties; and our enduring commitment to justice, democracy, and the rule of law.”

Of course the head of US “justice” failed to point out his own personal exemptions to his statement. Having prosecuted, interrogated, and intimidated more journalists than any other USAG, Holder gave special treatment to the Associated Press (AP), then Fox News and New York Times reporters James Rosen, and James Risen. Risen recently, narrowly avoided prison for contempt in not revealing private sources. When Rolling Stone Magazine released the dirt on America’s “Knight-of-the-Empire”, General David Petraeus, investigator Michael Hasting’s out-of-control car strangely exploded in flames one hundred feet before hitting a tree at one-hundred-and-forty mile per hour. There was no investigation of this tragic “traffic accident.”

Whisleblowers who dare use the facts, like CIA agent John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Thomas Drake were among the many truth-tellers in Holder’s gun-sights, despite his protestations of “unwavering respect for equality, civil rights, and civil liberties.” Free speech and freedom of the press were once on that same list. AP President and CEO, Gary Pruitt, described the DOJ’s actions more accurately as a, “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news.

The extra-judicial killing of innocent Americans was also a unique machination of Holder’s reign. While the President held his weekly, Tuesday “Kill Meetings” Holder avoided at all costs his own John Yoo moment, of embarrassing himself nationally by having to torture the English language and rule of law sufficiently, under oath and before congress, to somehow justify his boss’s wanton killing of innocents with US drones. When White House blood lust developed a taste for American blood, Holder was quite willing to go along with the blowing-to-bits of Americans Anwar al- Awlaki and his equally innocent sixteen year old son, Abdul Rahman al-Awlaki, who was born in Denver, Co.

But Holder’s willingness to kill his own citizen’s was not limited to foreign shores. Documents reveal that Holder knew of, and supported, an FBI report and plan to assassinate, using a high-powered rifle, the leaders of the Houston, TX Occupy movement. Although the plan was not completed, this failure likely had to do with Holder razing to the ground every one of the scores of Occupy camps across America in one forty-eight hour, carefully orchestrated, national police mobilization on Feb 4th and 5th, 2012.

Holder killed the hope of Occupy instead.

Of course, as US Attorney General, Holder was above his own laws. Questions regarding the “Fast and Furious” drug dealing, gun running, money laundering, DoJ fiasco follow Holder to this day and remain unanswered. When the main Mexican drug kingpin wanted, at least, for questioning, Manuel Celis-Acosta, was taken into custody twice by the Justice Dept, both times the DoJ released him without charges.

Holder’s silence, in refusing to testify or provide thousands of congressionally subpoenaed records of Obama Government gun running, earned him a 2012 Contempt of Congress from the US House of Representatives. The joke continued, however, as the DoJ was, of course, the agency tasked with punishing their leader’s crimes.


3-Closing Statement.

History will take this mere overview of the conflicts of interest that brought US jurisprudence to its knees before the power of money, and will judge Eric Holder most harshly. But of these crimes, cumulatively, the damage inflicted rises to a more monstrous crime, indeed a felony, of genocidal proportions. Thanks to Holder’s national example the bar of justice, and its advertised availability for purchase, are now so low as to be endemically barbaric. The world sees this clearly everyday across the globe of the attempted US empire. Americans are predictably exceptional, ie., oblivious, to this easy observation of global hegemonic inhumanity.

But, in the Homeland…?

Recently, sixteen year-old Ethan Couch decided he was entitled to get really drunk and drive his father’s company’s brand new Ford F-350 Super Cab into a family of four working on a stalled car on the side of the country Texas road. Young master Couch was also a pill head, as toxicology showed 0.24 % blood alcohol level and valium present. All four died and many of his truck’s passengers sustained life-long critical injuries. Two later died.

But, Couch also had a rich Texas daddy who hired a rich Texas lawyer who had convenient connections with a getting-richer-all-the-time Texas State District Judge, Jean Boyd.
The privileged parents, argued that their vehicular murdering son was the sad product of their affluence. Therefore, said the hired defense psychologist with a straight face, Couch was “a product of wealth” and, being accustomed to getting “whatever he wanted,” he was accustomed to never having consequences. His attorney argued that, since he could not understand the concept of “consequences” he did not appreciate right-or-wrong and, therefore, he should get therapy as opposed to jail.

The judge, failing to correctly note that this was in reality the proper definition of the defendant’s “Criminal Insanity,” soul-less Judge Jean Boyd, who was of course influenced to appreciate this highly selective argument, gave multi-murderer, Ethan Couch, once again, what he wanted.

The judge punished the spoiled brat, and spawn of endemic American greed, with a suspended sentence and $450,000 stay in the ultra-posh, “Hope by the Sea,” rehabilitation center in San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

So, thus was born a new felony murder defense strategy, now proved effective in an increasingly immoral America: the defense of, “Afflu-enza.”

Six dead: Four-hundred-and-fifty grand and a vacation.


Robert H. Richards IV is a member of the DuPont family, great-grandson of chemical tycoon Irenee du Pont, and rich. He is also a sick and twisted example of rich entitlement. Mr. Richards was arrested for two counts of second-degree child rape in 2009, two felonies that carry a 10-year mandatory jail sentence. He raped his three-year old daughter. He was convicted.

But that meant nothing in Eric Holder’s model of a new America century.

Richards, the 47-year-old pedophile, then enlisted one of the most high-priced law firms in the state, which helped him reach a plea deal of one count of fourth-degree rape.

Fourth-degree rape doesn’t require a mandatory minimum sentence, so Richards accepted the deal and admitted to sexually assaulting his infant daughter between 2005 and 2007.

Regardless of the courtroom confession of raping a three-year-old girl, Delaware Superior Court Judge, Jan Jurden, ruled that Richards “will not fare well” in prison due to his sad, unfortunate life of affluence. It was odd that any Judge would somehow miss the central concept of punishment via mandatory, long-term incarceration.

So the Judge, Jan Jurden, applied the legal precedent set by the chief justice of the land, Eric Holder, and decided that this rich criminal would learn the error of his ways more effectively in a different posh rehab center for other rich criminals, instead of, like all other rapists, a cold, hard prison.

While taking a lie detector test in April of 2010, Richards admitted to also sexually abusing his son in December of 2005 when the boy was just 19-months-old and continuing the abuse him for roughly two years. But, with recidivism of child sex offenders who return to jail for re-offending running at only about ninety percent, Judge Jan Jurden’s decision of a suspended sentence and rehabilitation for a sick repeat-offender pedophile will be tested soon.

Three years old!



Yes, Mr. Holder. Guilty as charged. All counts.

Morality in America is now directly proportional to money and, preferably, power. America has lost its way in every facet of normal society, most importantly in the universal application of justice. America’s nationalist politicians are inherently corrupt, its sports heroes unapologetic cheaters, and its drug addled celebrities adored by all for their sage wisdom. And the man who should be the bastion of fair, consistent, constitutional US justice; is a crook.

So, thanks to the corruption of the national US example of justice, US Attorney General Eric Holder, the bar of justice is revealed to be so low that three-year-old girls are fair game for rich rapists and US kings and princes can kill with impunity, albeit for a price.

Indeed. Pol Pot, the Cambodian tyrant and authoritarian hypocrite that brought his people the “Killing Fields,” where the bodies of the older generations were dumped in favor of the reeducation of the young, made no apologies. His barbarism was so extreme that the recently post-war Vietnamese had to invade and stop it. Stop this pure violation of conscience.

But the kind of barbarism that purged its society in Cambodia started with a methodical decent from real justice, through child rapists to wanton killers, and finally to full societal atrocity. Thanks to USAG Holder, America’s direction of conscience has become increasingly terminal.

Historically, during this entire maddening decent into chaos the condition of destructive societal justice is strangely tolerated as “normal.”

Here lies the capital crime. Guilty, Mr. Holder. Guilty of making the morally unconscionable, normal.

When a society becomes endemically corrupt it is then, indeed, a good idea for its corrupt government to keep a watchful eye-out, to report on absolutely everyone.

Guilty, Mr. Holder. Guilty!

About the Author:

Brett Redmayne-Titley is a regular columnist for Press TV.com and former writer and editor for the progressive news-site, Op-Ed News.com. My articles on domestic and foreign policy issues have been re-published by dozens of news-sites including; Fars News Network; Veterans Today; Asia Times and Cairo Times


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  1. He wouldn’t be resigning if he weren’t guilty of a lot of things……now it’s off to retirement in a country with no extradition treaty.

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