9 thoughts on “Europa – The Last Battle – Full Documentary

    1. Somebody please google the question for Frank.
      I’ll tell you one way it won’t happen is by clicking on the link to buy it on From the Trenches because it would never be advertised here as From the Trenches is blackballed from advertisement except for smut click designed to demean and destroy the site.
      Have a nice day.

  1. The true “holocaust” was perpetrated upon the Russian people by the Jews.

    Very educational documentary. Very sad what happened to the Russian people.

    I fear we are in the same boat.

    1. “I fear we are in the same boat.”

      Not likely with the total amount of firearms owned by individuals who are watching the subject just like this and are willing to go and kill the families of those who try to perpetrate these atrocities.

      Just saying there is a deterrent and if they haven’t noticed yet its getting closer to home.

      IMO they better be careful what they decide to do against those people who own all of those firearms.
      Again just saying….
      Shovel and bags of lye work wonders and they know it or a huge fire.

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