Every Background Check Supporter MUST SEE THIS!!

Streamed live 18 hours ago

Background checks harm innocent, peaceful people who just want to protect themselves. Here’s the power of a PERSONAL PROTECTION DEVICE in the hands of a couple women who were about to be victims of brutal attacks!

11 thoughts on “Every Background Check Supporter MUST SEE THIS!!

  1. Maybe from here on out
    We ask those in danger why they call a clown suit in ,wearing a gun to protect them if they so fear the gun

    And from that day forward if they ever do call for help from you because you own a gun , you will be conveniently busy ..

    Those without personal protection don’t even get a say in who draws the chalk lines … around their dead families bodies

    I on the other hand will definitely not go out like that

    It’s astounding how many stupid people exist
    And even more astonishing that how many sheeple just don’t get this message

    Those who are unarmed are making this country less safe with their fcken apathy

    1. So true. And one may not agree with everything this guys says, but here he makes some excellent and important points, especially on the insanity of background checks and the danger they put us all in. I will have to share this with some pro-background checks/red-flag folks. It could open their eyes.

      Love that he calls guns “Personal Protection Devices,” and that he points out (and demonstrates with a chilling video) the uselessness of calling 911 when you are in a life-threatening position.

      Growing up I remember my civics class teaching me that we are innocent until proven guilty, unlike England where you are the opposite: guilty until proven innocent. Not sure if that’s still true across the pond. And here, they seem to deem us guilty, right from birth. And are not background checks a form of guilty until proven innocent?

      I tried to find out if this HighImpact guy had anything to say about 2nd Article’s other primary purpose of keeping government in check but was unsuccessful in my search. If anyone knows of him reporting on this please let me know. Anyway, I’m glad this vid was posted and hope everyone who is pro-background checks can see it. I think its message is urgent. Thanks Captain Obvious.


      1. He has quite a few pro-2A videos over many years. Like many JYouTube sites he has been de-monetized and banned for periods of time, taken down and shadow banned.
        I think his 2 Channels are HighImpactFlics and HighImpactVlogs?
        He is very rationally anti-government and has very many Pro 2A videos out there somewhere in the ether. Mostly on these channels.
        He is unusually agitated in this video because I sense that he feels bad things are coming. He’s normally just an opinionated anti central government guy from Tallequah, Oklahoma. Eastern OK.
        Yeah, he sells some t-Shirts and promotes flashlights, but I’ve yet to sense that he is a Money grubbing Traitor.
        Like this video and subscribe to his channel and I think you will be enlightened in a positive way. He doesn’t know me from Adam. So there’s that.
        Thank You, Galen Sincerely, CO

        1. Thanks CO. Seems I always like to know if a source passes the litmus test of naming Jewish power and of advancing The Bill of Rights. I’ll continue to listen to what High Impact has to say see what unfolds.


    and that is what’s this BS IS ALL ABOUT.

    1. Roe vs Wade? You do realize that it is unlawful for the so called Supreme Court as it is a corporate fraud, to have any authority to make any ruling. The issue of abortion is just like any other issue in the common law, there are only two parties who could bring one another into a common law court (the man and the woman who did the deed) where each individual case would be decided by an impartial common law jury.
      The original Supreme Court authorized by the original Constitution had no authority over anyone. They could only offer opinions to the government in reference to keeping an American national from taking everything they had for a violation of right under color of law.
      The government cannot tell any American national woman whether she can or cannot have an abortion, the 9th Article would forbid it. Only the common law jury can interpret the Bill of Rights and it must do it as an original issue in an original case, and what that jury decided could only pertain to the two litigants in that single trial.

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